Top 5 Minecraft Science Experiments

Sure, the world of Minecraft can be a pretty dark place. Old, abandoned fortresses, strange urban legends, maybe even a Slender Man or two. But the best thing about Minecraft is that it’s effectively a virtual box of LEGOs. You can build whatever you want. Sprawling castles, underground railways, working computers. And, yeah, you and …

In The Portal

A Herobrine Minecraft Skin

Speaking of Minecraft, I get a lot of hits these days from people searching for either the default Steve Minecraft skin, or a Herobrine one. They probably leave disappointed. So (and I’m very close to entering off-topic territory here, so I apologize), I thought I’d just fix that problem real quick. Here’s the default Steve …

The Madness Of Minecraft

The Madness Of Minecraft

There’s something altogether Lovecraftian about Minecraft. It’s not the story — Minecraft doesn’t have a story, per se. It’s the world. A limitless expanse, filled with strange creatures hidden in dark chasms and deep, forgotten mine shafts.

Minecraft Nether Portal

The Double-Slit Experiment In Minecraft

Speaking of Minecraft, here’s a video of the infamous double-slit experiment being performed in the game with…chickens. Does it actually work? Well, no. But remember: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT CHICKEN BEAM.

A Minecraft Sunrise

Herobrine: The Phantom Doppelganger Of Minecraft

Let me tell you a story about Herobrine. If you’ve never played Minecraft, it’s a game of relatively endless possibilities. What began as nothing more than virtual LEGOs has evolved into one of the best sandboxes ever created, selling over 4.5 million copies. You can build, fight, excavate, explore. You’re limited only by your imagination, …