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Shadow People and Other Things

Getting back into blogging is like trying to start a broken lawnmower. It begins with the idea that you’re going to cut the grass, or in this case, you’re going to post something. But the lawnmower is broken. You’re going to need to give that cord a few dozen tugs before it decides to fire up.

In the case of a blog, things get even worse: The lawnmower is not only broken, it’s buried underground and also you sometimes forget you even have one. Or a lawn, for that matter. Anyway, here are some stories that have been floating around in my mind over the past seven days…

Who Is That Mysterious Figure?

In a story that surfaced last week (and a video that reached a haunting 35 million views), a person can be seen loitering around way up high at a stadium during Taylor Swift’s stop in Madird last May. Who was this shadowy enigma? No doubt a paranormal entity of some sort. Or perhaps staff or a security guard.

It’s hard to tell from those distances, but as the old paranormal saying goes: If you don’t know for sure, it was probably Bigfoot.

Ancient Art Reveals “Mega-Serpent Tradition”

The recurring appearance of giant snakes in prehistoric art sheds light on what once was a “major worldwide phenomenon,” according to The Independent. That being ophiolatry, or snake worship.

Many of the works found throughout the world feature gigantic drawings of snakes. Thousands of engravings have recently been found in South America (Colombia), including one measuring 43 meters long (141 feet). The largest, however, is an earthwork located in Ohio, spanning a staggering 411 meters (1,348 feet).

Can A Lightning Strike Grant Future Sight?

A woman shared her experience with strange precognitive abilities last month. According to the Daily Star, 35 years ago she found herself caught in a thunderstorm and struck by lightning. The event led to her having an out-of-body experience, during which she saw herself lying in the parking lot of her synagogue. A bright orb led her away, guiding her into a colorful ethereal garden, where she spoke to her deceased grandfather. She was also given the choice of returning to her life on Earth or leaving it behind.

She clearly chose to return, however since that event she claims to have experienced many prophetic visions in her dreams, including the TWA Flight 800 disaster. You can watch her full interview here.

AI Nightmare: Next Stop Paris

Are you ready for this? TCLtv+ (which I admittedly confused with TLC at first) have prepared an artificially intelligent television feast for those of you who are just chomping at the bit for more vague uncanny animated Stable Diffusion pics strung together into something resembling a Lifetime movie.

They present to you: Next Stop Paris.

The story is about a woman who has decided to enjoy her honeymoon in Paris alone after her fiancé goes and runs off with someone else. But wouldn’t you know it, on her way there aboard a train, she meets a mysterious stranger, leading to an AI romance for the ages.

TCLtv+ is a streaming service run by TCL, a Chinese consumer electronics company.

Links Of Interest

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Plants talk to plants.

And elephants talk to other elephants.

Wrapping Up

I’ve finished my first pass at cleaning Stranger Dimensions up. I found a surprising number of broken links (stuff I’d linked to in the past that no longer exists). This bothers me, because with each old website that disappears, or every article that gets deleted, we’re losing information. The Internet is consolidating around a handful of large websites and social networks, and while this might be convenient, I’m just not sure it’s a good thing.

I joke up top about not updating the website as much as I’d like to, but it’s difficult to really dive in when it feels like the Internet is suddenly trying to eat itself. But it’ll be fine. Maybe.

I’ve also been updating the homepage daily with news links, Bumper Music, and random AI generations. I’ve been keeping up with it (mostly) for a couple weeks now. Check back at around 10:00 a.m. ET for updated links every day.

AI images are becoming old hat, sure, but they can pop out some intriguing work now and then. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in that top image up there, but I dig it! Here are some of my favorites from the past week:


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