Another ‘UFO’ Spotted At Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano

Mexico’s Popocatépetl Volcano could be something of a paranormal activity hotspot, as a number of unusual UFO sightings have occurred there over the years. Located to the southeast of Mexico City, it’s the second highest peak in Mexico, and one of the country’s most active volcanoes.

But is it also an alien tourist destination?

Most of the location’s recently reported UFO sightings have occurred on one of the live web cams situated near the volcano. These cams are typically available so anyone can view the volcano’s explosive activity when things get hot (you can watch them yourself here or here), but every now and then we see claims of something out of the ordinary.

“Another large UFO emerges from the crater of the volcano and heads to the heights with an unknown direction…”

So reads the description of the latest UFO claim (which unfortunately is no longer available). On April 20, footage appeared on YouTube of what the user suggests could be a large UFO rising from the volcano’s crater and careening off into the night sky. Given the long history of alleged sightings surrounding Popocatépetl, many are left to wonder if this very well could be evidence of a craft of some kind.

Other possibilities do exist, as is usually the case. One commenter suggests that the bright object may in fact be the International Space Station, or even a plane that only appears to be coming out of the volcano, but is instead simply flying overhead.

Another, perhaps more likely, possibility is a volcanic bomb — a large chunk of molten rock that gets launched into the air during an eruption.

On January 29, another object was captured over the volcano, appearing in sped-up footage as a bright object zooming over as it erupted. In that case, speculation also pointed toward an airplane or, perhaps, a satellite. As we’ve covered, there are a number of objects now in the night sky, some brand new, that will no doubt lead to more and more “sightings” that turn out to be nothing. These could be related.

Another, more peculiar sighting occurred in August 2019, in which live cam footage displayed what the Daily Express described as an “alien white disk.”


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