Glowing Nighttime UFO Captured On Video In Canada

The area around Stawamus Chief in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, is no stranger to sightings of orbs and spheres.

That’s why researchers Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb visited the area last month, taking time to investigate the granite dome on July 22, 2017. At 10:59 p.m., they witnessed and captured an incredible sight. As Freeman describes in the video’s description, the object appeared as a “huge yellowish white ball of light” that “appeared out of nowhere & then proceeded to go into the woods.”

It was perfectly silent, making absolutely no sound. It eventually seemed to move in front of and into the trees, removing the possibility that it could have been an aircraft. A human-made one, anyway.

Canada Orb UFO July 2017
Image: Rob Freeman/YouTube

They also explored the possibilities of it being a drone or even a meteor, but neither case seemed likely. Freeman, in follow-up comments, revealed that the footage has been analyzed by two retired forensic photo/video experts, one formerly of the U.S. Department of Defense, the other of Kodak. They determined the “light was not produced from anything terrestrial.”

According to the Squamish Chief newspaper, Freeman is “a senior field researcher for the Centre for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies.” The sighting was brief, but it has left many people wondering.

Stawamus Chief – also known as “The Chief” — is perhaps the world’s second largest granite monolith1, and considered a sacred site by the indigenous population there, the Squamish people. Other sacred sites around the world have also experienced their share of strange lights, but what could they be?

In these cases, they don’t necessarily have to be paranormal in nature. They can, for now, simply be unexplained or poorly understood. Freeman has referenced the Hassdalen Lights in Norway, the Min Min Lights in Australia, and the Marfa Lights in Texas, stating that it’s a “worldwide phenomenon” that has been documented and researched.

In this case, he says “there seems to be a connection with the vast amounts of quartz in the mountains” and the existence of the lights.


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