Another Phone In Old Painting Sparks Time Travel Speculation

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Is this woman holding an iPhone in 1860?

An international task force of Time Travel Hunters has located yet another piece of evidence that temporal tourists are mucking about with our already fragile timeline.

Well, okay, it was actually just some folks on Twitter. But it’s a good thing they’re on the lookout, I’ll tell you what.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
Image: Die Erwartete (The Expected; 1860)

What we have here is a painting titled Die Erwartete (The Expected), created by the Austrian painter Ferdinand George Waldmüller in 1860.

It shows a man crouching in the foreground holding a flower, waiting for a woman who’s walking his way down a rocky path. But what’s that she’s holding?

If we check the tabloids (as if we’ve just been recruited into the Men In Black), we’ll learn that it’s almost definitely an iPhone X, and that she’s almost definitely already preoccupied browsing Tinder.

Well, he tried.

Of course, skeptics are quick to point out that the item she’s holding is probably just “a plain old hymn book” and not an object of modern time. But we all know how these things go.

Misplaced cell phones are the number one cause of all temporal anomalies.

Speaking of which, this painting would hang nicely next to that mural of a Native American browsing his selfies.

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8 Replies to “Another Phone In Old Painting Sparks Time Travel Speculation”

  1. It’s hard to tell. It might be a possibility, but it is worth remembering that phones these days resemble other objects like cards. The picture is kind of blurry from what I can tell. It could be a box or something in her hands.

    1. Well, if she’s like me, it might be an older iPhone that doesn’t have a connection, anymore. But it still has a working copy of Bejeweled 2 on it so she keeps it around, anyway.

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