Declassified: Psychic Powers and Other Strangeness

In January, the CIA updated their CREST Archive (or CIA Records Search Tool) to include more than 12 million declassified pages, or about 930,000 documents, covering a number of topics – including psychic spying and the possible existence of UFOs.

These files have been available at the National Archives in Maryland for some time. According to BBC News, however, the documents “were only available on four physical computers located in the back of a library…between 09:00 and 16:30 each day.” Now part of CREST, we have much better access.

And curious searchers have already uncovered quite a bit of interesting info.

Uri Geller Draws Some Grapes

“The objective of this group of experimental sessions was to verify Geller’s apparent paranormal perception under carefully controlled conditions with the goal of understanding the physical and psychological variables underlying such ability.” – August 1973

One of the more popular revelations involves famous alleged psychic Uri Geller.

The Mirror shares a record in which the CIA used his psychic powers to telepathically “force the Russians [or a Russian official, at least] to sign a nuclear arms treaty during the cold war.”

In 1973, over the course of eight days, they also performed experiments on Geller. He was told to reproduce images either placed in another room or in an entirely different location (“drawn on the East Coast”).

Image: CIA

During the experiments of August 4, Geller was placed in “an opaque, acoustically and electrically shielded room.” Two drawings were then created by randomly selecting words out of a dictionary. After they were drawn, Geller was notified and tasked – without seeing them or being told what they were – to recreate the drawings himself.

Surprisingly, the researchers concluded he had “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.” Geller, for his part, says he’s surprised by the release of the documents, that they’d let the information out at all.


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