Will the Universe One Day Collapse?

There are a number of ways scientists believe the universe will ultimately end. The Big Rip, in which the universe stretches itself apart. The Big Crunch, kind of the opposite of the Big Bang, where the expansion of the universe reverses and all matter returns to a small chunk of space. And then there’s collapse.


The Universe Might Be A Hologram, But Not Really

I want you to travel back to 1997. It’s an exciting time; Disney’s Hercules is hitting theaters, Third Eye Blind’s Semi-Charmed Life is at the top of the charts. Mike Tyson is getting ready to bite Evander Holyfield’s ear off. Okay, well, maybe exciting isn’t the right word. But then a guy named Juan Maldacena …


Video: When Mars Had Water

In celebration of the MAVEN (that’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) probe launch last month, NASA released this video showcasing a computer-generated flyover of what Mars may have looked like four billion years ago, when the planet is believed to have contained liquid water (and, possibly, life).