UFO Reported Across World, Dec 24, 2013

Reports have flooded in this evening of a strange object in the sky, traveling in a north-to-south trajectory somewhere in the upper atmosphere. My inbox has been absolutely filled with these sightings, so I felt obligated to jump up and share them with you here.

First, let’s start with an eyewitness report. I was told a similar report was submitted to the MUFON database, but it was missing key details. Fortunately, we have the following story from a witness in Mississippi, dated at sunset on 12-24-2013:

“My friend and I were out snapping photos of the sunset with my cellphone last night when my friend saw something in the sky. At first I didnt see it because I was looking at the phone screen, but then I saw a long objected floating in the sky. I was only able to get one good picture before it was gone over the horizon. If you zoom into the picture, yuou can see the part of the object is red and white and it looks like its bneing pulled by something. There were also glowing orbs.”

This image accompanied the above story:

Image: Witness Report
Image: Witness Report

After reading this, I did some digging and found the following pieces of evidence, though I can’t say for sure if they’re related.

For starters, I found this satellite image that some claim was taken in 1970 by the ESSA-7 satellite. The same satellite, if you remember, that allegedly captured an image of the “hole” at the North Pole, a favored piece of evidence by those who subscribe to the Hollow Earth Theory. Both ESSA-7 photographs found their way into Flying Saucers magazine that June, but their true revelations have never been verified.

Here they are (Hollow Earth image included):

Image: NASA
Image: NASA

The second image, as you can see, matches the witness’s description and photo of an elongated craft that seems to be propelled from the front by some kind of unknown mechanism. It’s hard to say, however, if this might be alien in origin or simply an experimental government craft.

Image: NASA

And, finally, just tonight I stumbled across one video from a witness in Texas who captured footage of a lighted object careening across the night sky. It seems to match the above description:

These are just a few reports of this “being” and its unidentified craft, but look closely and you’ll find sightings from all over the world. They seem to occur at this time every year, so we’re left only to wonder what mischievous plan may be in action. An elaborate hoax, or true evidence that we are not alone in the universe? What do you believe?

Happy holidays.

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.

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