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Image: Cliff via CC by 2.0

John Titor: “The Next Lincoln”

I haven’t thought about John Titor for a while, but I saw something on TV earlier that piqued my interest. The thing is, back in 2012, I posted A Look At John Titor’s Most Popular Predictions. In it, I looked over a handful of his most compelling statements, major things Titor ... ⇒ 8:23 am


John Titor: The Secret Song

I’ve always found the relationship between John Titor and Pamela intriguing. It’s like any good adventure story, you know? Like The Doctor and his companions, John Titor had a single confidant with whom he shared information that, to this day, remains unknown to the public. ⇒ 1:07 pm

John Titor: The Man With The Machine

John Titor: The Man With The Machine

What is it about John Titor that people find so compelling? Personally, I’d say it’s two things: 1.) John Titor said, “Perhaps it would be better if you just considered me a fraud.” This might be a perfect example of reverse psychology at work, but time and again Titor stated ... ⇒ 4:00 pm