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Image: ESA/Hubble & NASA via CC by 2.0

John Titor: 15 Years Later

On October 23, 2000, a new member to the Time Travel Institute community, named Paul, created a simple thread titled “Time-travel Paradoxes!” In it, he began a discussion on the various pitfalls of time travel – primarily the grandfather paradox, the seeming inability to change the past for fear of erasing your own ... ⇒ 11:59 pm

Image: Cliff via CC by 2.0
Image: Cliff via CC by 2.0

John Titor: “The Next Lincoln”

I haven’t thought about John Titor for a while, but I saw something on TV earlier that piqued my interest. The thing is, back in 2012, I posted A Look At John Titor’s Most Popular Predictions. In it, I looked over a handful of his most compelling statements, major things Titor ... ⇒ 8:23 am