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Indonesia UFO Sightings

Google Maps Anomalies: UFO Sightings In Indonesia

While not technically a map “anomaly,” here’s a mapped collection of reported UFO sightings and other unidentified phenomena in Indonesia compiled by BETA-UFO Indonesia: “We came out of a hall to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round blue disc in the sky…It turned green ... ⇒ 5:55 pm

Google Maps Circles

Google Maps Anomaly: “Crop Circles”

Whoa. Either those circles are just from center-pivot irrigation, or the aliens have arrived en masse. Actually, these strange circles on Google Maps are exactly that: the result of circle irrigation, a method some farmers use to water crops. You know, by rotating sprinking equipment in a big circle. Better ... ⇒ 4:35 pm

Sandy Island on Google Maps

Google Maps Anomalies: The Lost Island

Researchers have just discovered that a small island in the South Pacific, visible on Google Maps and other charts, apparently doesn’t exist. It’s called Sandy Island, and (should be) situated northeast of Australia, off the west coast of New Caledonia. You can see it clearly on the Google Map image ... ⇒ 8:16 am

Where's North From Here?

Google Maps Anomaly: The Poles

Well, that’s strange. Why doesn’t Google Maps show the North Pole? The answer’s actually pretty simple: Our Earth is round, and not effectively represented by a two-dimensional map. Google Maps uses a Mercator projection, flattening the Earth and stretching it horizontally and vertically, as do most 2D maps. Because of ... ⇒ 7:01 pm