5 Signs Your Ouija Board Session Has Gone Horribly Wrong

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Image: Amanda Hatfield via CC by 2.0

There you are, sitting at a table with a group of friends, fingers on the planchette. You’re ready to communicate with the great beyond – but wait! You never know what you’ll find when dealing with the mysterious spirit board.

You have to be careful, you know. Here are five ominous signs that your Ouija session may be heading in an unfortunate direction…

The Planchette Moves Through the Alphabet or Numbers, Hits the Corners, or Makes a Figure 8

Image: ryan via CC by 2.0

Image: ryan via CC by 2.0

If the planchette begins to move across the board, through the alphabet or the numbers, without any regard to answering your questions, it’s probably time to close up shop.

According to the Museum of Talking Boards’ list of Ouijastitions, this may be a sign that whatever spirit — or demon — you’re communicating with is trying to break out.

Likewise, if the planchette motions to the board’s four corners, this is an indication that the entity you’re speaking with is undoubtedly evil. And worse, if it makes a figure 8 or moves in circles, that evil spirit is kindly letting you know that it now has control of the board.

On the other hand, it may just be attempting to mess with you. Some entities enjoy “playing around” or drawing random patterns on the board, or perhaps drawing symbols in an attempt to trick the user into believing it is a powerful spirit.

The Planchette Flies or Falls

A bit of plastic moves around the Ouija board, so what? You can handle that. But then…

“The last experience I had with a quija board, the plachett flew across the room, smashing against the wall, of it’s own power. They ARE a doorway, and unless you know how to [interrogate] the spirit, you have no idea what so ever who or what is communicating with you.

You’ve opened a door, and called them through.” – hotwitch2/Reddit

Another Ouijasition: if the planchette falls from the Ouija board, an entity may escape. A portal may open.

Time Goes Missing

Things have been pretty tame, so far. The planchette moved around a bit and you dropped it once, but you know — everything seems under control. Then something unexpected happens.

Reddit user lenoresden knows all about this. One night many years ago, she and a friend were using a Ouija board when they began to get “some very strange” messages from a spirit claiming to be from Malaysia. “He was here to protect us,” she wrote. But all was not as it seemed.

In the blink of an eye, several hours passed. “The next thing we know its 7a.m!” she wrote, “We lost 10 hours of our life. Neither of us remember anything about it.” Her friend swore to never use a Ouija board again. And while lenoresden did, her later experiences didn’t compare to what happened that night.

Where did the time go? There are those who believe that, in order to communicate or perform in any manner, entities on the other side must draw energy from their surroundings. And in the case of a Ouija board session, that energy comes from the individuals using the board. That means you.

Perhaps the lost time in this story was the result of a possession…

Terror Strikes Beyond the Board

Image: Mark Gunn via CC by 2.0

Image: Mark Gunn via CC by 2.0

Okay, well, that’s enough. Let’s put the Ouija board away and leave this spirit communication business to the experts. Wait, did you hear something?

“The board would disappear for days on end, then show up in places you never would have put it. I became obsessed with it. Then it was a black mass in the corner of the room. Or the silhouette of a man watching you from the doorway.

After that it escalated pretty quickly. I had my hair pulled. Fingers pricked. Scratched. Choked. Held down in bed while this thing whispered in my ear in what could have only been Latin…” – [deleted]/Reddit

Sometimes, the effects of using a Ouija board linger long after it’s been put away, or so I’ve read. Call it a little side effect of opening up a hell portal in your living room. And that’s why you always leave a note end the session correctly.

Zozo Makes an Appearance

Was the #CharlieCharlieChallenge a marketing ploy? A simple game gone viral? Maybe, maybe not. Seriously, I don’t know, because I missed the whole thing. But Charlie isn’t the only demonic entity that people have tried to conjure into our world. In the beginning, there was Zozo.

Zozo is known to be, well, evil. So if you see the planchette begin to spell out Z-O-Z-O or Z-A-Z-A or even M-A-M-A, you might want to think about putting an end to that conversation.

Not convinced? Still want to give it a try? Check out my post on Zozo before you do.

// Interested in more weird Ouija stories? Check out this list of 23 “true” tales over at Thought Catalog, where I discovered a couple of the Reddit links featured above.


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  • Shahiqa

    I do believe in ghosts, spirits, aliens, time travel theories but not ouija board. There was this one episode of Brain Games, which showed how the ouija board worked well when a group of people tried it. But when the same group was blind folded and asked to repeat it, the planchette would just land in some blank spaces on the board. Ouija board is all a mind game. Human mind is quite powerful and can make you conveniently believe stuff. Ouija board is just involuntary movement of fingers over the planchette.

    • Li

      I thought so too, until I tried it myself, alone. After some time of silence I was ready to give up (I didn’t really expect something would happen), but then suddenly the glass I used as the planchette began to move and pull my hand after itself. What if the experiment went in this way beacause the spirits use not only our hands but also our eyes?

    • Harley

      Some people indeed say the ghost/spirit uses your body, so it doesn’t just need your hand but it also needs your eyes to see the board itself

    • rodney

      i’m native use it all the time.i can make the planchette move by itself,i call on my ancestors,the trail of tears.i use it for good n bad”sorry”.i use red n white candles,sometimes black,when needed.just be careful.

    • Funny thing there is, I had a Native Friend who would use the board with me, and nobody believed it was real, so we had them cover our eyes and we would both look straight up at the roof to prove we weren’t moving it.
      The Ouija board still worked 100% and we had our friends read out the messages.

      Not sure why it didn’t work on Brain Games, maybe they want to convince you that nothing can come of it and make you think it is only a game?

    • Bob

      I’ve done it with a friend before and blindfolded and it worked. The entity needs your eyes and ears to use the board unless you’re spiritual and have the third eye even partially unlocked

  • Mariah Lynn Ernest

    I just got done with my paper made Ouija board… It started to ask a question, “Why are you? ” I didn’t know what it was going to ask, then it switched and wrote “IGY6″…. I googled it. It means, “I got your 6.” Before playing I did a prayer asked the Arch Angel, Michael, the Gods and Goddess’ of the Heavens, Earth, and Universe to protect me. I said, “No evil spirits are allowed to play, if you are here with ill intent you are not welcomed to play.” I asked who it was, it said Dereck Whit.. I finished it and asked Dereck Whittenburg? It said yes. I asked the basketball player? It said no, then said, “Pray for Iraq government qkxj”. I don’t know what that is. I tried to look it up on my phone, without removing my hand, then my dog started to have a nightmare. I asked was it them doing it, they said yes. I said goodbye.

    What does qkxj mean?

    • Bob

      It’s something to do with life pasts, yknow, two way streets. Basically that entity can change your life in a good or bad way. I thing that’s it.

    • Tom

      That’s a song by five finger death punch

    • Tom

      Sorry that IGY6

  • Susan

    some friends and I were using a ouija board and asking if there was anyone there when a glass at the end of the table moved by itself to where the ouija board was placed. This distance wa about 2 metres. What does this mean?

  • Diane greene

    Hi I thought I was talking to my dad then I asked my dad is my husband cheating he said yes her name was Elaine and she worked with my husband I had murder with my husband got in touch with his work over this girl and there was no such girl who worked there I nearly broke my marriage up cos of this board my dad would never of said yes to that question cos he no s it would break My heard could this of been my dad

    • Emmi

      Spirits are often mischievous and playful, sometimes giving false answers for their own amusement.

  • Steven Irizarry

    Sign number one

    You played it

  • Bob lol

    What does it mean when it keeps going from n to I back and forth

  • katherine g

    i played it on online and make sure u said good bye and its kinda scary but i pray that nothing happens to me when i go to sleep

    • Jackie Olivares

      Have you had anything weird happen? Did you play it alone? Did you close the session by saying goodbye?

    • Lia

      Ouija isn’t a game. If you “played” it as a computer game, I doubt the connection was nearly as strong, if it was even real. The important thing isn’t that you say goodbye, it’s that the spirit does. Politely tell the spirit that you’re done for now, goodbye. If the spirit does not say goodbye, tell them “I’ve said goodbye, and I’d like you to as well.” If the spirit still won’t, firmly tell them, “GOODBYE! LEAVE!” If all else fails, force the planchette to goodbye yourself.

  • Tom

    I spoke to one named Ara who when we searched was a God of the sun but he always answered with A-Z-G-D-J any ideas on what it means?

  • Sarah

    I think my friend is getting possessed.. she said that she felt something taking over her body. And that I should cut the board into 7 pieces. What should I do

    • Me

      Cut the board into seven pieces and put holy water o it. then you should bury it. DO NOT try to set it on fire or destroy it in another way. This may cause danger to you and your friend, or even death.

  • lex

    we had a ouija session or whatever in which we talked to a spirit that claimed to be six years old and spelled out BUMP multiple times and said bump was its friend. we had normal conversations and it said goodbye so we figured everything was fine. but now doors left closed are being found open and hung up clothes are found in messy piles. did something uninvited stay somehow or does our board being made out of a shoebox lid have anything to do with it? and what do we do to rid the house of whatever may be here? thanks

  • Sara

    Yes my friend Ali was possessed she said to burn it. And one day I came over to her house and she was acting very weird. She kept asking me to play the ouija board. So I did. While we were playing she just stopped and started banging her head on the table. I never came to her house again

    • Daksh Sharma

      Hi Sarah I have seen your comment and I think that this spirt was trying to contact you by going into your friends body just a theory so might not be true

    • Exploring with Star! !

      very much true

  • zozo

    look i watch all4tubekids and god one of the kids got possessed twice infact her father was freaking out like hell and like i dont play the oujia board but no windows were open in my house and im with my 18 yr old friend and the freaking curtains were moving and a doll of mine is starting to look a little like a human to me after i watched lance stewart and it like keeps moving like everyday and im getting scared

    • lpszero

      omg you poor thing I feel so bad, I wish I could help

  • zozo

    i also saw when all4tubekids finished playing it they put spirit water on it and it started floating i was freaked out eventhough my name is zozo and while i was sleeping a book fell and like i never touch those shitty books

    • lpszero


  • Emma

    Alltube4kids have done the steps of breaking the ouija board and burying it, but they have not put the planchette in a cloth before burying it as well, and doing so will it come back????

    • aimie

      that failed because it came back up from the groud

    • aimie

      ground i mean

    • Scared adrian

      I was just watching that and came her!!,!!,!

  • Daksh Sharma

    I have seen all4tubekids and it is weird and scary.

  • Sam Cheek

    But..what does it mean if the board lights up green with the numbers 7,8,9 and that it flies up in the sky?? Again this is from the video from the Alltube4kids that was just uploaded today…so..is it good or bad??

    • Jennifer

      Its good because it is a angel number
      And I was watching All4tubekids

    • Rylee

      i was wathcing all4tubekids 2 thats why i came here

    • brooklynn

      i was just watching it and so is it good when it goes in the sky or no

    • Ashton

      That’s why I’m here haha

    • Porkchop

      me to ^_^

    • Beatriz Estrada

      789 are “angel numbers”

    • Delaney Powless

      Yeah I want to know the same thing! I’m watching that video right now.

  • Jennifer

    I was a video and the bored spelled ZOZO and the light went out and they were hearing noises.

    • Helen anteneh

      Wow wow o wow Jennifer

    • Helen anteneh

      Wowowowowowowowowowoowo helen antenh

    • Amanda

      I came here because of all4tubekids also

    • lpszero

      same I really want to help them

    • Cody Ogden


  • Skeechy Beaudin

    If there is 3 people in a room and 2 people play with the board will the spirits bother the 3rd person please respond back

  • Te Ikaroa Hemopo Iti

    Very powerful dark magic this board is if used right and by the right individual, ones mind, will and mastery control over his/her mind can render contacted spirits even demons powerless. Bending the wicked holy/unholy entities to do your biding, for example command them to destroy your foes, burn down a house, bring rotten bad luck even have curses brought upon your desired subject.

  • Te Ikaroa Hemopo Iti

    Ouija boards act as portals, good and malevolent may pass through some do not find the light but nor are considered evil.