4 Weird “Clues” That Parallel Universes Exist

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The scientific possibility of parallel universes first arrived with Hugh Everett III’s Relative State Formulation in 1957. Not long after, Bryce Seligman DeWitt renamed Everett’s theory and introduced it to the masses, bringing us the popular term Many-worlds Interpretation.

But there are others, each attempting to solve the quantum measurement problem and, in this case, Everett’s formulation. These include the Many-minds interpretation and, my personal favorite, Many-histories.

Interpretations of interpretations, yeah. It’s very messy.

But for now, any thoughts of dimension-hopping adventures and interacting with parallel universes are relegated to science fiction. It’s just not possible.

Or is it?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the weirder “clues” that maybe, just maybe, we’re living in one of many worlds.

1. Ghosts & Paranormal Activity

Ghosts and parallel universes

So here’s a snapshot of an alleged ghost that popped up at the 16th Century palace of King Henry VIII. It appeared on CCTV footage after security guards were notified of someone repeatedly opening the fire exit. (And I’m not saying this is an actual ghost…just using it as an example).

Beyond ghostly photographs, though, many of these sightings could have an even more exotic explanation: parallel worlds bleeding into one another. A ghost, a specter, the haunting visage of the deceased — perhaps this person is alive and well in another world, and you’ve simply caught a glimpse into their universe.

Or perhaps this particular “parallel universe” is the realm of the dead, itself!

2. Déjà vu & Alter vus


A Déjà vu is one of several strange phenomena of the mind (including Déjà vecu and Déjà Visité, among others). Déjà vu, in particular, is the uncanny sensation that you’ve experienced something before, that an event is repeating itself. With Déjà vecu, you may even feel that you know what’s going to happen next.

An Alter vu, as well, is a term that popped up during the John Titor saga to describe when someone remembers their worldline differently. Conflicting memories, something changed about the world they live in. Think about Marty McFly at the end of Back to the Future; he’d remember the name of the mall as Twin Pines Mall, but due to his time travel, it’s changed to Lone Pine Mall.

He remembers both realities.

Both experiences have neurological and memory-based explanations, but is it possible that Déjà vus are “memories” from other versions of ourselves in other universes, or that Alter vus are truly memories from altered worldlines?

3. Dreams & Parallel Universes


If sleep is a little slice of death, then what are dreams?

Some dreams we remember, most we don’t. While the mechanism for dreaming is fairly understood (they tend to occur during REM sleep), we still don’t know their true purpose, if there is one. A glimpse into the unconsious mind, a way for our brains to sort out information?

Or could they be windows into another world?

Read more about the strange nature of dreams: Lucid Dreaming and the World Within Your Mind // Time Traveling In Your Dreams

4. Parallel Universe Stories


Believe it or not, there have been a few cases of individuals who claim to belong to another world, or whose origins otherwise could not be traced. True, false, I don’t know.

Consider these two stories:

1. Lerina García, who woke up one day in a world — our world — that did not belong to her.

According to the story, as her day progressed she continued to notice “small incongruities,” little things that were just off. But there were big things, too:

“So I went to work in my car, which was parked where I’d always parked, and it was the same office I’d worked in for the last 20 years. But when I got to my department, it wasn’t my department. It has names on the door and mine wasn’t on it. I thought I was on the wrong floor, but no, it was my own floor. I went over to the office’s wireless section and looked myself up. I still worked there, but in another department, reporting to a superior I didn’t even know.”

2. A strange man who arrived in Tokyo in 1954 with a passport from a country that didn’t exist, called Taured. Japanese customs officials detained the man, but his passport was not a fake: it had the proper stamps, was issued by the country of Taured, and even included Japanese stamps from a previous visit. The man swore that Taured was a European country that had existed for 1,000 years, and he also held other papers, such as bank statements, with the country’s name on them.

After several hours, customs officials eventually placed the man in a hotel, with security nearby to ensure that he did not leave his room, while they checked things out.

The next morning, he was gone. No trace. A manhunt ensued, but there was no point; he had simply vanished.

Obviously, the veracity of these two stories can’t be confirmed, at least to my knowledge. But you work with what you have, you know?

So, do parallel universes exist?

The above “clues” are just some possibilities that I find intriguing, not that I believe any of them. But the universe is a strange place. What do you believe?

Image credits: Joan Sadler, Mo Riza, Janet Ramsden, Cali4beach

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  • http://thedailydoodles.tumblr.com/ David Michael Chandler

    Whoaaaa…. these are awesome.

    I especially love the one about the guy from Taured!

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      Yeah, the Taured thing is pretty weird. Not sure if it’s legit, but it’s a cool story.

  • Yayi Diaz

    I say when we dream we stop breathind and enter a subcpncious wprld that DOes exist just as we do/ we may give life or have life in more than one places? lol

    • Annienomus

      But what about when we dont sleep for say a couple days, and its not that we just cant fall asleep but we ourselves are just holding ourselves awake?

    • Michael Garde

      but we do keep breathing

  • semsemj

    There are strange things happening in where I come from and I wonder they are also related to multiverse. There are people who go to these people with pyshic knowledge and ask them to change their future or solve a porblem in their life. Such as, I want to marry this man or I want to have a boy while I keep having girls’ blah, blah. And these people they say they use ‘muwakkil’ , which they say are some kind of creatures from other world who help them make these requests possible. Most of the people are frauds but I’ve seen some people with real knowledge and, what I call it, connections in to the other world and I’ve seen stuff work out the way people wanted despite the odds. I have always been so scared of this and never myself got involved because this sounded unnatural and like dark magic. But could this be that these people travel to parallel universe to change things around? Possibly!!

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      I’m not sure, but that sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    • 441019

      This is very dangerous. These people could be using demons or even Satan. Sometimes people “sell their soul” to the devil in return for fame and riches in this life–it’s the worst thing anyone could do. Also, any involvement in the occult is very dangerous. I read a book (“Betrayed by her Guardian Angel” was the title) by a woman who was following instructions for years from a spirit whom she thought was her guardian angel, but who was actually a demon. She found out eventually it was a demon, and she had to “renounce” everything to do with it (or him) in order to be free.

  • BC1968

    I had the wackiest dteams and when i wakei i feel like ive cpme back from a different place. My deceased mom is there, yet so are a lot of people that are living

  • MarkmBha

    Good articles.

  • ManiacMan

    The Man from Taured is actually a short story from 1981. EDIT: it was actually first printed in a book in 1981. It’s not entirely clear whether or not it’s true.

    • munde1234

      the story was awesome whether it’s true or not.

  • beth

    this should be an open minded site but the author pooh-poohs everything!

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      Open-mindedness goes both ways, Beth. It’s important for skeptics to be open to various possibilities, but it’s also important for the other side to be open to the possibility they may be incorrect.

      This website doesn’t have to “be” anything. I simply share stories and ideas. Some I find plausible, others (like the possibility of parallel universes) I find a little more complicated. No where have I ever said “this can absolutely not exist or occur.” Improbable? Yes. Impossible? Perhaps not.

      Just by sharing these odd ideas at all should prove I’m at least somewhat open to them. You have to at least give me that.

    • Zachary Turgeon

      Brain chemistry is not evidence of a parallel universe. Ghosts? And you defend this crap? Give me a break.

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      I don’t believe in ghosts, much less that they’re evidence of parallel universes. But it’s fun to think about, hence this entire post.

      The only thing I’m defending in the above comment is the idea that believers in the paranormal need to be just as “open-minded” as they want skeptics to be.

    • Joey

      Has anyone ever had this dream? In the dream, it is unlike any other experience. Instantly, I have this feeling of pure dread and a complete sense that I’ve ended up somewhere I should not and do not want to be. The surroundings are never clear but there are other people there and we all realize where we are and we all just want to wake up because there’s these super fast flying spirits that fly into your face really fast and they are super scary…. They have no faces but it’s almost like,… Just this sinister thing. I watch them chase people and everyone is so scared and whoever I am with, we just don’t want to be there and we don’t know how we got there. I usually wake up as soon as one flies super fast into my face. I’ve had this kind of dream twice and it’s so scary, you almost just do not want to sleep for days because you fear you will somehow get transported back. I have always had extremely lucid dreams and it’s in my genes. My father and I both have the ability to manipulate our dreams about 10% of the time. These dreams are nothing like that….. If there is another realm we can get into, I would say almost definitively, that this place is one of them.

  • baorea


    • HighZenBerg

      Walternate lol!!!

  • Pook

    Cool article or theory! I love watching star trek and there was an episode about the many universes we live in. I often wonder if sleeping is the bridge to that other world we call death, but that’s another topic. I do hope that parallel universe does exist because if this life is a failure than certainly the parallel life can’t be any worse. Thanks for this article, very interesting.

  • QQandGG

    i dreamt three times in three nights, same scenario, same concept, it was like a continuation of what i had dreamt from the last 2 night. It was like a cycle and i was scared that i felt like i was in a spiritual projection. It was also the longest dream that I’ve had. Also, when i was little I also had a dream of ¨fire¨ and the next day the supermarket got burned in our town. Weird eh

  • Mary Rose H. Quidlat

    I also had my dream…
    that I felt like IT was REALLY REAL.
    It felt like my body was really acting like the way I’m dreaming.

  • JerryG

    Rob, fascinating stories,
    but as you say ‘stories’. But parallel universes is another thing.
    Quantum mechanics views parallel universes as a series of possibilities, and
    maybe that’s all true. But think about this for a moment, someday in
    the future our scientists will eventually reverse engineer this universe
    correctly, down to the very basic, minute item. The ‘scientific method’
    dictates an experiment is required to prove the theory; that experiment would
    have to be to create a universe. That is just plain logical. The
    question then becomes are we the only ‘smart dudes’ in existence? Could
    some other intelligence exists, besides us? Could we be living in
    their world? We have no idea what is
    outside our universe, it could be we are in another universe, and it
    being within still another universe …. this list could go on and on.

    Now here is the possible parallel universe, are we locked
    into this universe with our physical bodies? Yes, most definitely –
    EXCEPT when we leave this physical reality. In one of the quantum
    mechanics books, it states we live today in three realities, our physical world,
    our mind world (books, movies, TV, internet, etc.) and our dream world (which
    we spend almost one-third our life in). Presuming we are more than just
    particles, atoms, molecules, etc. where do we go during these dream
    periods? Could we be hopping through

    • mirage

      We think exactly alike, its refreshing

    • George

      We are an open aware space that “connects to” (or creates?) various worlds perhaps, as if they were games:


      Even your body sensations and thoughts are part of the game-like, dream-like environment, part of the game at that moment. The core of you is just “that which is aware” of those things.

      Each world is at the same level. Just because we spend a lot of our time defaulting to Planet Earth doesn’t mean that is the “base” reality…

  • Athena Xyllyp

    There is actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest that there are an infinite number of universes. Please do some research before claiming something is “probably not possible.”

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      I actually agree with you. When I said “probably not possible,” I think I was referring to “dimension-hopping adventures” and actually interacting with those parallel universes in the ways I listed.

      But looking back I wasn’t being very clear at all. I’ll try to fix the post to better reflect what I meant. Thanks for your comment!

  • http://www.shintolin.com Trenchfoot

    You need to look up the Berenst#in Bears problem.

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      Well isn’t that the strangest thing…

    • http://www.shintolin.com Trenchfoot

      May I ask what your recollection is?

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      Well, at first I wasn’t sure what you were talking about, because of the #. But then I did a search for it and saw images of the bears and remembered. The Berenstein Bears. I remember the books from when I was a kid, but it’s not something I’ve thought about for a long, long time.

      My next thought was, why’s everyone spelling it wrong? And I ended up on a few articles asking the same question — the problem you’re referring to. Definitely a trip.

      I’ve got some reading to do. Thanks for sharing that!

    • http://www.shintolin.com Trenchfoot

      I have one more question: And I feel like alot of this is dificult todo over the internet without leading you towards an answer. Do you remember that famous painting of the fat king? Was he eating? Can you describe it perhaps?

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      I saw that while looking up the other stuff. However, I actually have no memory of it, one way or the other.

  • ☁ .love

    Awesome theories.

  • Shar

    Ive googled that taured story many times and i still cant find anything about it being a hoax. So that is pretty cool! The only thing is , I can’t find the original story and witnesses AND evidence to support the story either :-/ hmmmm

    • http://www.strangerdimensions.com/ Rob

      I’ve tracked down a few old books that are supposed to have the original story in them (one in particular, I think, is where the story first appeared). I plan on writing an in-depth post on Taured some time in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • Mike

    I have the same dream often. The setting might be a bit changed but it is always the same story.It is a nightmare in fact and I have learned to expect it. One night I fought back in the dream and took control and won. I did not have the dream for about 6 months and told my family that I had defeated this nightmare once and for all but One night it came back and it came back with a vengeance. if I fight it it keeps getting worse. Now I am at a loss.

  • Eduardo

    If you want to know more, you are welcome to swift. A group for discussion. I have gathered people from different parts of the world who share this belief.


    • Guest

      yes join!!!

  • Kat

    Wow, these are super interesting

  • Carolin

    Yes, I do believe these stories, because it happened to my son and I. Right around the time of 1992 as a matter of fact. My son and I loved going to this pet shop in the Citrus Heights Mall. I was at that time located in the middle of the mall, next or close to a sweet shop. We went there for months before this strange event took place. We went to the mall, expecting to find our favorite store, and it wasn’t there. There was another shop there. We went in, inquired about it, but nobody at this new shop, knew what we were talking about. We were extremely puzzled, in fact we thought the store had gone out of business, naturally. Except, as we walked to toward the end of the mall, there, next to the movie theater, was the pet shop! We were excited, walked in, and asked the sales help, when they had moved. She was very puzzled, and said that they had always been there. FREAKED US THE HELL OUT!!!! We thought she was joking! This store had not been at the other end of the mall before! This article makes perfect sense to me. Little changes that don’t add up! We simply got highjacked into another reality. That is why a lot of predictions didn’t come through. That’s why everything changed. Things looked different before. The sun was a lot more yellow. Colors looked different. People were different. I used to have a lot of dejavu’s, after that nothing. What a strange universe we live in!

  • Craig from Shellharbour

    Once i went to bed in my bed and woke up on the couch.