4 Weird “Clues” That Parallel Universes Exist

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Image: Cameron Russel/Flickr via CC by 2.0
Image: Cameron Russel/Flickr via CC by 2.0

The scientific possibility of parallel universes first arrived with Hugh Everett III’s Relative State Formulation in 1957. Not long after, Bryce Seligman DeWitt renamed Everett’s theory and introduced it to the masses, bringing us the popular term Many-worlds Interpretation.

But there are others, each attempting to solve the quantum measurement problem and, in this case, Everett’s formulation. These include the Many-minds interpretation and, my personal favorite, Many-histories.

Interpretations of interpretations, yeah. It’s very messy.

But for now, any thoughts of dimension-hopping adventures and interacting with parallel universes are relegated to science fiction. It’s just not possible.

Or is it?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the weirder “clues” that maybe, just maybe, we’re living in one of many worlds.

1. Ghosts & Paranormal Activity


Image: CCTV footage of Tudor Castle ghost

So here’s a snapshot of an alleged ghost that popped up at the 16th Century palace of King Henry VIII. It appeared on CCTV footage after security guards were notified of someone repeatedly opening the fire exit. (And I’m not saying this is an actual ghost…just using it as an example).

Beyond ghostly photographs, though, many of these sightings could have an even more exotic explanation: parallel worlds bleeding into one another. A ghost, a specter, the haunting visage of the deceased — perhaps this person is alive and well in another world, and you’ve simply caught a glimpse into their universe.

Or perhaps this particular “parallel universe” is the realm of the dead, itself!

2. Déjà vu & Alter vus


Image: Mo Riza via CC by 2.0

A Déjà vu is one of several strange phenomena of the mind (including Déjà vecu and Déjà Visité, among others). Déjà vu, in particular, is the uncanny sensation that you’ve experienced something before, that an event is repeating itself. With Déjà vecu, you may even feel that you know what’s going to happen next.

An Alter vu, as well, is a term that popped up during the John Titor saga to describe when someone remembers their worldline differently. Conflicting memories, something changed about the world they live in. Think about Marty McFly at the end of Back to the Future; he’d remember the name of the mall as Twin Pines Mall, but due to his time travel, it’s changed to Lone Pine Mall.

He remembers both realities.

Both experiences have neurological and memory-based explanations, but is it possible that Déjà vus are “memories” from other versions of ourselves in other universes, or that Alter vus are truly memories from altered worldlines?

3. Dreams & Parallel Universes

If sleep is a little slice of death, then what are dreams?

Some dreams we remember, most we don’t. While the mechanism for dreaming is fairly understood (they tend to occur during REM sleep), we still don’t know their true purpose, if there is one. A glimpse into the unconsious mind, a way for our brains to sort out information?

Or could they be windows into another world?

Read more about the strange nature of dreams: Lucid Dreaming and the World Within Your Mind // Time Traveling In Your Dreams

4. Parallel Universe Stories

Believe it or not, there have been a few cases of individuals who claim to belong to another world, or whose origins otherwise could not be traced. True, false, I don’t know.

Consider these two stories:

1. Lerina García, who woke up one day in a world — our world — that did not belong to her.

According to the story, as her day progressed she continued to notice “small incongruities,” little things that were just off. But there were big things, too:

“So I went to work in my car, which was parked where I’d always parked, and it was the same office I’d worked in for the last 20 years. But when I got to my department, it wasn’t my department. It has names on the door and mine wasn’t on it. I thought I was on the wrong floor, but no, it was my own floor. I went over to the office’s wireless section and looked myself up. I still worked there, but in another department, reporting to a superior I didn’t even know.”

2. A strange man who arrived in Tokyo in 1954 with a passport from a country that didn’t exist, called Taured. Japanese customs officials detained the man, but his passport was not a fake: it had the proper stamps, was issued by the country of Taured, and even included Japanese stamps from a previous visit. The man swore that Taured was a European country that had existed for 1,000 years, and he also held other papers, such as bank statements, with the country’s name on them.

After several hours, customs officials eventually placed the man in a hotel, with security nearby to ensure that he did not leave his room, while they checked things out.

The next morning, he was gone. No trace. A manhunt ensued, but there was no point; he had simply vanished.

Obviously, the veracity of these two stories can’t be confirmed, at least to my knowledge. But you work with what you have, you know?

So, do parallel universes exist?

The above “clues” are just some possibilities that I find intriguing, not that I believe any of them. But the universe is a strange place. What do you believe?

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Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. He manages Stranger Dimensions in between changing aquarium filters and reading bad novels about mermaids.

  • Whoaaaa…. these are awesome.

    I especially love the one about the guy from Taured!

    • Rob

      Yeah, the Taured thing is pretty weird. Not sure if it’s legit, but it’s a cool story.

    • Nicholas Boake

      I might have grown up in another dimension close to another dimension again. The Bible is different in the dimension I grew up in and even more different in the parallel dimension. Other people have reported the existence of the other dimension too.

    • Nicholas Boake

      Like in the dimension I grew up in, they recite the bible in Church and it says that the Magi lied to Herod about the whereabouts of Christ and his family.

    • lol

      Vibration you grew up?
      You mean the city you grew up

    • Nicholas Boake

      In the dimension I saw beside this one, which has been alluded to by a Jewish women we debated with about the Muslims, it says “those who believe in El will kill 100 or 1000 of their enemies. “

    • Nicholas Boake

      Also it said in acts that they killed Herod by transforming him into maggots.

    • Nicholas Boake

      I survived 5 or 6 assassination attempts.

    • Nicholas Boake

      I talked to a man who said he was a multi millionaire and mafia boss, he said I saved the lives of over 1000 people.

  • Yayi Diaz

    I say when we dream we stop breathind and enter a subcpncious wprld that DOes exist just as we do/ we may give life or have life in more than one places? lol

    • Annienomus

      But what about when we dont sleep for say a couple days, and its not that we just cant fall asleep but we ourselves are just holding ourselves awake?

    • Michael Garde

      but we do keep breathing

    • anne

      Unless we have sleep apnea

  • semsemj

    There are strange things happening in where I come from and I wonder they are also related to multiverse. There are people who go to these people with pyshic knowledge and ask them to change their future or solve a porblem in their life. Such as, I want to marry this man or I want to have a boy while I keep having girls’ blah, blah. And these people they say they use ‘muwakkil’ , which they say are some kind of creatures from other world who help them make these requests possible. Most of the people are frauds but I’ve seen some people with real knowledge and, what I call it, connections in to the other world and I’ve seen stuff work out the way people wanted despite the odds. I have always been so scared of this and never myself got involved because this sounded unnatural and like dark magic. But could this be that these people travel to parallel universe to change things around? Possibly!!

    • Rob

      I’m not sure, but that sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    • 441019

      This is very dangerous. These people could be using demons or even Satan. Sometimes people “sell their soul” to the devil in return for fame and riches in this life–it’s the worst thing anyone could do. Also, any involvement in the occult is very dangerous. I read a book (“Betrayed by her Guardian Angel” was the title) by a woman who was following instructions for years from a spirit whom she thought was her guardian angel, but who was actually a demon. She found out eventually it was a demon, and she had to “renounce” everything to do with it (or him) in order to be free.

    • Tim Riggins

      Honestly the man from Taured was a fabrication created by a journalist. Garcia probably suffered a stroke that messed with her memories

    • Mikaël Malka

      how do you explain passport and documents

    • webstalkers

      Well stories, as Tim mentioned, don’t usually required real life items like documents.

    • Tim Riggins

      Do we know these documents or passports actually existed?

    • Mikaël Malka

      Apparently from the same and only source that can corroborate the whole story.

  • BC1968

    I had the wackiest dteams and when i wakei i feel like ive cpme back from a different place. My deceased mom is there, yet so are a lot of people that are living

  • MarkmBha

    Good articles.

  • ManiacMan

    The Man from Taured is actually a short story from 1981. EDIT: it was actually first printed in a book in 1981. It’s not entirely clear whether or not it’s true.

    • munde1234

      the story was awesome whether it’s true or not.

  • beth

    this should be an open minded site but the author pooh-poohs everything!

    • Rob

      Open-mindedness goes both ways, Beth. It’s important for skeptics to be open to various possibilities, but it’s also important for the other side to be open to the possibility they may be incorrect.

      This website doesn’t have to “be” anything. I simply share stories and ideas. Some I find plausible, others (like the possibility of parallel universes) I find a little more complicated. No where have I ever said “this can absolutely not exist or occur.” Improbable? Yes. Impossible? Perhaps not.

      Just by sharing these odd ideas at all should prove I’m at least somewhat open to them. You have to at least give me that.

    • Zachary Turgeon

      Brain chemistry is not evidence of a parallel universe. Ghosts? And you defend this crap? Give me a break.

    • Rob

      I don’t believe in ghosts, much less that they’re evidence of parallel universes. But it’s fun to think about, hence this entire post.

      The only thing I’m defending in the above comment is the idea that believers in the paranormal need to be just as “open-minded” as they want skeptics to be.

    • Joey

      Has anyone ever had this dream? In the dream, it is unlike any other experience. Instantly, I have this feeling of pure dread and a complete sense that I’ve ended up somewhere I should not and do not want to be. The surroundings are never clear but there are other people there and we all realize where we are and we all just want to wake up because there’s these super fast flying spirits that fly into your face really fast and they are super scary…. They have no faces but it’s almost like,… Just this sinister thing. I watch them chase people and everyone is so scared and whoever I am with, we just don’t want to be there and we don’t know how we got there. I usually wake up as soon as one flies super fast into my face. I’ve had this kind of dream twice and it’s so scary, you almost just do not want to sleep for days because you fear you will somehow get transported back. I have always had extremely lucid dreams and it’s in my genes. My father and I both have the ability to manipulate our dreams about 10% of the time. These dreams are nothing like that….. If there is another realm we can get into, I would say almost definitively, that this place is one of them.

    • Sierra

      Was it more of a feeling than an image? Because I’ve have experienced that without seeing it.

    • polothug248

      Mines is more of a feeling. It is a feeling of fear, helplessness, dread , etc. accompanied by sleep paralysis. 95% percent of the time I just fall asleep fine with no issues and dream regularly but the other times before I even completely fall asleep my body locks up and I already start feeling the attacks. I begin to be filled with heavy emotion and even begin to tear. I believe I tear because subconsciously I know what I am about to go through again.
      I have never felt so frightened and scared but in recent times when this begins to occur I am able to identify it starting to happen even after my body starts locking up. The difference now is once it starts to happen I have taught myself to feel ANGER instantly along with all the other emotions. I was tired of going through this. Once I added anger to these emotions I I would start resisting this issue by making a conscious effort to YELL at the top of my lungs in the dream. This eventually would lead to me YELLING at the top of my lungs in reality and thus waking me up out of Paralyzation. It’s still a humbling and frightening experience because I wake up with tears on my face breathing heavily as if I escaped some sort of intense life threatening situation elsewhere in another life or realm.

  • baorea


    • HighZenBerg

      Walternate lol!!!

    • Shaggy

      a horribly predictable series. so glad it was cancelled.

    • chuck bartowski

      Good for you…

  • Pook

    Cool article or theory! I love watching star trek and there was an episode about the many universes we live in. I often wonder if sleeping is the bridge to that other world we call death, but that’s another topic. I do hope that parallel universe does exist because if this life is a failure than certainly the parallel life can’t be any worse. Thanks for this article, very interesting.

  • QQandGG

    i dreamt three times in three nights, same scenario, same concept, it was like a continuation of what i had dreamt from the last 2 night. It was like a cycle and i was scared that i felt like i was in a spiritual projection. It was also the longest dream that I’ve had. Also, when i was little I also had a dream of ¨fire¨ and the next day the supermarket got burned in our town. Weird eh

  • Mary Rose H. Quidlat

    I also had my dream…
    that I felt like IT was REALLY REAL.
    It felt like my body was really acting like the way I’m dreaming.

  • JerryG

    Rob, fascinating stories,
    but as you say ‘stories’. But parallel universes is another thing.
    Quantum mechanics views parallel universes as a series of possibilities, and
    maybe that’s all true. But think about this for a moment, someday in
    the future our scientists will eventually reverse engineer this universe
    correctly, down to the very basic, minute item. The ‘scientific method’
    dictates an experiment is required to prove the theory; that experiment would
    have to be to create a universe. That is just plain logical. The
    question then becomes are we the only ‘smart dudes’ in existence? Could
    some other intelligence exists, besides us? Could we be living in
    their world? We have no idea what is
    outside our universe, it could be we are in another universe, and it
    being within still another universe …. this list could go on and on.

    Now here is the possible parallel universe, are we locked
    into this universe with our physical bodies? Yes, most definitely –
    EXCEPT when we leave this physical reality. In one of the quantum
    mechanics books, it states we live today in three realities, our physical world,
    our mind world (books, movies, TV, internet, etc.) and our dream world (which
    we spend almost one-third our life in). Presuming we are more than just
    particles, atoms, molecules, etc. where do we go during these dream
    periods? Could we be hopping through

    • mirage

      We think exactly alike, its refreshing

    • George

      We are an open aware space that “connects to” (or creates?) various worlds perhaps, as if they were games:


      Even your body sensations and thoughts are part of the game-like, dream-like environment, part of the game at that moment. The core of you is just “that which is aware” of those things.

      Each world is at the same level. Just because we spend a lot of our time defaulting to Planet Earth doesn’t mean that is the “base” reality…

  • Athena Xyllyp

    There is actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest that there are an infinite number of universes. Please do some research before claiming something is “probably not possible.”

    • Rob

      I actually agree with you. When I said “probably not possible,” I think I was referring to “dimension-hopping adventures” and actually interacting with those parallel universes in the ways I listed.

      But looking back I wasn’t being very clear at all. I’ll try to fix the post to better reflect what I meant. Thanks for your comment!

    • Rodrigo

      there is no single evidence of other universes.

    • ralphylad

      Max Tegmark PhD professor at MIT (truly amazing guy) , states otherwise, as Athena says do some research before you are so critical,

  • You need to look up the Berenst#in Bears problem.

    • Rob

      Well isn’t that the strangest thing…

    • May I ask what your recollection is?

    • Rob

      Well, at first I wasn’t sure what you were talking about, because of the #. But then I did a search for it and saw images of the bears and remembered. The Berenstein Bears. I remember the books from when I was a kid, but it’s not something I’ve thought about for a long, long time.

      My next thought was, why’s everyone spelling it wrong? And I ended up on a few articles asking the same question — the problem you’re referring to. Definitely a trip.

      I’ve got some reading to do. Thanks for sharing that!

    • I have one more question: And I feel like alot of this is dificult todo over the internet without leading you towards an answer. Do you remember that famous painting of the fat king? Was he eating? Can you describe it perhaps?

    • Rob

      I saw that while looking up the other stuff. However, I actually have no memory of it, one way or the other.

    • Jason Welzin

      Fat king?

    • King Henry at a table, meat in hand, dog or two prancing before his table. holding court.

    • Kip

      No for King Henry.
      Yes for Barenstein.
      No for ‘dilemna’.

    • What “dilemna”? Are you referring to “dificult”?

    • Kip
    • Kip

      I’m waiting for a link to be approved by the mods to a site explaining more, but for now, Google dilemna.

    • Rob

      Sorry about that. I have Disqus set to hold any comments with links in them. Should be up now. (And now I’m off looking up this dilemna thing!)

    • Kip

      Rob, you’ve sent me down a rabbit hole I didn’t need to go down tonight after a friend shared your article (can’t sleep, alternate dimensions will eat me).
      Before I laughed off the dilemna theory, but Barenstain shook me to my core.

      Ironically, I discovered the former on the podcast “Wiretap” by CBC Radio 1. In a later episode, and on completely unrelated topic, the host called them the Barenstain Bears, which I supposed to be a Canadian pronunciation or regionalization, but was a bit shocked when I looked this up for myself only earlier this year.

    • Ah, I see. Dilemma for me.

  • ☁ .love

    Awesome theories.

  • Shar

    Ive googled that taured story many times and i still cant find anything about it being a hoax. So that is pretty cool! The only thing is , I can’t find the original story and witnesses AND evidence to support the story either :-/ hmmmm

    • Rob

      I’ve tracked down a few old books that are supposed to have the original story in them (one in particular, I think, is where the story first appeared). I plan on writing an in-depth post on Taured some time in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • Mike

    I have the same dream often. The setting might be a bit changed but it is always the same story.It is a nightmare in fact and I have learned to expect it. One night I fought back in the dream and took control and won. I did not have the dream for about 6 months and told my family that I had defeated this nightmare once and for all but One night it came back and it came back with a vengeance. if I fight it it keeps getting worse. Now I am at a loss.

  • Eduardo

    If you want to know more, you are welcome to swift. A group for discussion. I have gathered people from different parts of the world who share this belief.


    • Guest

      yes join!!!

    • ralphylad

      ive sent you an add!

  • Kat

    Wow, these are super interesting

  • Carolin

    Yes, I do believe these stories, because it happened to my son and I. Right around the time of 1992 as a matter of fact. My son and I loved going to this pet shop in the Citrus Heights Mall. I was at that time located in the middle of the mall, next or close to a sweet shop. We went there for months before this strange event took place. We went to the mall, expecting to find our favorite store, and it wasn’t there. There was another shop there. We went in, inquired about it, but nobody at this new shop, knew what we were talking about. We were extremely puzzled, in fact we thought the store had gone out of business, naturally. Except, as we walked to toward the end of the mall, there, next to the movie theater, was the pet shop! We were excited, walked in, and asked the sales help, when they had moved. She was very puzzled, and said that they had always been there. FREAKED US THE HELL OUT!!!! We thought she was joking! This store had not been at the other end of the mall before! This article makes perfect sense to me. Little changes that don’t add up! We simply got highjacked into another reality. That is why a lot of predictions didn’t come through. That’s why everything changed. Things looked different before. The sun was a lot more yellow. Colors looked different. People were different. I used to have a lot of dejavu’s, after that nothing. What a strange universe we live in!

    • Parker

      We need to talk! The same thing happened to me. I just left SD. We must communicate. Find me in the group. James Parker http://www.facebook.com/groups/swiftparallel

    • Rodrigo

      yes? and how do you know you shift? where were your body in this dimension when you “shifted”? what happened after you “shifted”? How did you back to this dimension ??

      a lot of questions, and few words…
      seems like BS

    • Steven Buchanan

      Freetown state forest, Me and others end up going the same way and leading to different parts… its the bridgewater triangle

    • Steven Buchanan

      in a rush but will explain more!!

    • Steven Buchanan

      contact me, also in the last week I got pictures of the U.FO’s in the sky, ( I have the LG4 and zoomed in its crazy, NASA can’t explain it, and i got better photos lol.. well I think but the dimension thing is interesting

    • Rodrigo

      hey Stevem contact me.. kendallangel7@gmail.com
      I ended up going the same way and leading to different parts at the freetown state forest too

    • Yuri Araujo

      Hey, what do you think has happened in the freetown state forest? wasn’t just a coincidence?

    • Kanye Asxs

      Hey man, lets talk about it.

    • Cranky Canadian

      Similar thing happened to me around in 1998. A freeway exit that had been there for years was suddenly gone and the area undeveloped and everyone I talked to about it swore to me that there had never been one there. Its creepy and hard to believe it myself, but I have no explanation and I know that I am not mistaken. I feel like I jumped to another reality and there is nothing I can do about it. If its true, then my husband and kids aren’t really my husband and my kids, but alternate versions. Its so weird and the ramifications are so disturbing to me that I try not to think about it. But every time I drive that freeway, I look for the exit in hopes that I’ve jumped back. Its never there and it hasn’t been in the 17 years since.

    • Yuri Araujo

      you FEEL LIKE you jumped to another reality, but in reality you didn’t (this is not only impossible but nonsense). I want to believe your story, since I do think parallel universes exist (but they don’t interact with us, as proved by science), but if you really shifted to another universe, this universe exists just so that you can continue living, that makes it sound like the rest of us are just living in this universe so that you can have a life, until you shift again to another universe, with other versions of people and everything, and it places an awful lot of importance on you, like you exist alone. Maybe you didn’t mean to explain it that way, but that is how it sounds to me. There is a physical explanation for what happened, believe me. There is always a physical explanation. Cameras, satellites from NASA are filming the earth 24/7 since 1988, and I’m sure they have images of this. ;). There is only one Universe, one version of you, one version of your friends, and etc.. don’t worry.

    • Yuri Araujo

      where was the free-way? the adress?

    • Cranky Canadian

      highway 1 in British Columbia between Langley and Abbotsford. If you google map the highway, you will see the exit for 264 and the one for Mt. Lehman, There is no exit now where I remember the exit for 272nd street.

    • Kanye Asxs

      you are not crazy, this exit really existed and I remember it. No, your husband is not another version, and you still in the same Universe 🙂

    • Cranky Canadian

      really? you do? What are the chances! I would love to hear your story… I know I am not normally delusional/crazy, but this is so weird and I can’t explain it.

    • Cranky Canadian

      Its mind blowing to meet another person who experienced this too. What is your theory?

    • V Sen

      It’s interesting.. You think that your family is alternate version. If so then you had alternate version too.. Did you ever used that exit? But it would be better if you keep observing if possible. But yes if you find it please do not go there.. Who knows may be it was a portal which is now closed.

    • Cranky Canadian

      Actually I don’t really want to think about the reality of this if its true. My husband and kids seem exactly the same to me as before so in my head I tell myself that IF I jumped dimensions, they all jumped with me but they didn’t notice. The alternative is too complex and disturbing to really consider. I mean, my life has in no way changed. The only difference I can find is that the exit isn’t there. Oh and that I remember the Berenstein Bears and spell it dilemna. But other than that, everything is the same so I don’t worry about it. I just find it fascinating because I am convinced that exit was there and now its not.

    • ralphylad

      Hi CC, regardless of these comments people have made, I also know how you feel because I also had a similar experience with a “feeling” that reality had changed; we were driving back from Blackpool in UK around 4 years back, as you leave blackpool you have a choice of going right and going around the M62 toward manchester or left and heading towards Carlise on the M9 (a little slower but shorter route) across the A66 pennine routeway; due to heavy snow that same week me and my wife were cautious about the carlise route but we turned left and entered a service station about 3 miles along the M9 we spoke to the Bp staff about the A66 and they said earlier in the week was bad snow but it had since all cleared and plenty of truck drivers had made the route fine. We felt confident enough about this because of this information and set off toward Carlise, about an hour of driving between Blackpool and Carlise you go inbetween two national parks North Yorks and Lakes and the weather can change very quickly in this part of the UK, straight away we see a weather front coming in and I feel very bad feeling in my gut saying turn around, we continue on for some bizarre reason and all seems ok until we get in the A66 when we realise we have made a huge mistake, snow drifts are terrible blowing snow of the pennines into our car, visability is very very poor and we have a few very hairy moments and luckly get home, its not until we get home that a very eerie feeling hits us, the feeling is only described as if something had changed, both me and my wife experience it and it makes us question reality, I really beleive something happened to me or us on that route and the feelings were another potential reality experienced by our conciousness, if Quantumn mechanics is right and every eventuality is played out somewhere in the ether then I really think that timeline ended and this consciousness jumped to the reality where we lives. Yes some could say it was just the trauma of the journey but believe me I have been in many more scary situations in my time but never experienced the “reality switch” feeling as I like to refer to the incident as again.

    • Cranky Canadian

      thanks for your understanding. It is such a strange thing right? I’ve been thinking about it a lot since this whole conversation started and although I still can’t explain it all, my hope is that it isn’t a parallel universe at all but rather the same one but where someone actually went back in time and whatever they did caused some changes in our present. I mean one week I am driving down the road past the exit for 272 Street, then someone time travels and the minute they do, our present changes due to whatever they did. then the next week when I drive by again the change is evident in that the exit for 272 street never existed. I’ve thought about doing some research to see if I can find out about that stretch of highway and 272nd street. Maybe there was a reason that the street was never made to access the highway that can be traced to a person or event. Maybe someday…. there’s still a part of me that doesn’t want to look too hard.

    • chronic bitchface.

      google maps street view???

    • Cranky Canadian

      I posted a google street view image further below in the thread.

    • amy

      did the pet shop ever revert back to where you remember it? i have deja vu VERY often and remember things that i know did NOT happen…but they are not of another TIME era (like those who believe these memories are a “past life”) but of the correct time period but different outcomes-if that makes sense…i think we sometimes get a glimpse of ourself in a different dimension and because its ourself we kind of share a little of the memory-i believe some of us are more sensitive to sensing these other worlds.please read Dean Koontz “From the corner of his eye” fiction but describes this SO PERFECTLY!!!

  • Craig from Shellharbour

    Once i went to bed in my bed and woke up on the couch.

    • Angusturtle

      That’s called sleep walking.

  • geawiel

    I stumbled on this looking for something else, so hopefully the author still reads it here. On the dream front, I wonder if this would explain how some of my dreams feel. I always have at least 3 to 4 dreams a night. Full color, full senses and I can do everything I can do in real life. Sometimes even more. I almost always fly or float in my dreams, I rarely walk for example.

    Anyway, on to what I’m getting on about. I’ve had many dreams where I have the knowledge to build something. One that comes to mind has stuck with me for some time. I was building a mobile suit. I was supervising the build, and everything in it made sense to me in the dream. I had worked out all of the kinks that stop us in our dimension. It all clicked, and I even had the thought towards the end that I could do this when I woke up (I practiced lucid dreaming years ago, so I am aware I’m dreaming at times.) When I did wake up, I couldn’t remember a few key points to making a suit. I still can’t. It feels like it is on the tip of my tongue, so to speak, but I can’t come up with it.

    The thing is, that isn’t the first time something like that has happened. Some of the dreams feel so real that it takes me a minute or two to realize some of the more mundane ones aren’t real memories. It’s both frustrating and fascinating at the same time.

    • Gurpreet Singh

      it has also happened ith me so many times. i have been feeling like jumping very high and running at higher speed. it felt so real that even today i can feel it. i feel so many things have happened earlier in my life..like whatever i am doing right now has happened with me before but it hasn’t. i have had experience of strange things. sometimes i feel like something is pulling me onto the ground.so may many weird things that i have no words to explain.
      as u said u have made some kind of suit . i have always experienced wars in my dreams and with some supernatural powers. many readers ill laugh on it but yeah i have been experiencing it since i as 9-10 year old.
      many people say dreams are the collection of things we experience when we are not sleeping. our brain collects the info and make it a different story. but what if we see something which is not there in present time.not on internet,not on tv or any other area of information. and we see it is being used after few years in daily life.
      sorry for my english though

    • geawiel

      I’ve had supernatural powers for some time in my dreams. They manifested before I even taught myself to fly through lucid dreaming. It is to the point now where it seems normal in dreams. Something happens, and I find myself in a situation I have to either fight or die in. I then realize I have powers (usually along the Dragonball type) and I obliterate what had previously been coming after me.

      In real life, I have had some odd things happen that still stick with me. Around the time I was lucid dreaming, I was heavily into chi and chakra meditation. I had tried many times to ‘push’ myself with chi. One evening, I was laying on my bed and attempting it. I had the door closed and there was no way for air to flow in the room. After about 30 mins of trying, I started feeling a faint wind in the room. It knocked some papers off of my desk. For an entire week after that, I felt like I weighed almost nothing. Even with a full military uniform and boots on. I really kick myself for not weighing myself during that time frame. The thing is, ever since the 2 to 3 years of meditation I did, everything seems to move much slower than I remember from before. It seems to have also increased a heightened sense of intuition. Something that seems to be beyond chance. Nothing beyond knowing I should move over a lane because someone in front of me is going to do something stupid, or things like that though.

      I’ve tried to get back into meditation as I did before, but some chronic pain issues and kids have made that very difficult to do. I can still feel chi moving around if I concentrate it on parts of my body (I use to use it to warm my hands in the winter), but I can’t reach the same level of manipulation as I did before.

  • Naomi Armstrong

    i read this many places and the man claimed his native language was French and that Taured existed where Andorra does between Spain and France.

    What I find unusual is that Taured ends in a ‘d’ and not too many French words ens in d.

    I am not fluent in French, I would put knowledge at intermediate ( I am Canadian and was forced to take it from grade 3 to 9 as per the education requirements of Ontario and I have about three credits in French after that )

  • suckerman


  • stewpig dewpig

    twilight zone this man accidentally come to our dimension

  • spirouline

    So the guy from Taured disappeared, what about his passport?

  • clara27

    Here+s a story- I live in a small city in Mexico and work for the department of culture. Several years ago, we were hosting a production company that was filming in the city. Very professional people I might add. Anyway, there were 2 women with them who were in charge of make up. They decided that after lunch they would take a walk to look around. Lunch was 1 hr. Well the crew waited for them for 5 hours. When they returned it was nightfall. Obviously the director was super pissed…the women´s story went like this: they spotted an old church a few blocks away and noticed there was some sort of important religious event going on. People were “all dressed up” and in fact they were under the impression that maybe, they were a part of another film team and a movie was being shot. They entered the church, looked around, took a seat and admired the people´s clothing–that look like something from another century. Satisfied, they headed back. To them it had been a matter of minutes, when in reality they had been gone hours. I have also heard stories of people who sitting on a bench at one of the oldest park here, suddenly get “flashbacks” of that same place, 100 years back!

  • gaurachand

    Yes it exist but we do’nt have eyes for it

  • Its possible, some variations of string theory posulate that not only do parallel Universes exist but they could have different laws of physics to ours due to different combinations of extra dimensions. This means a local energy imbalance could thus exist causing a brief energy leakage that manifests as: ball lightning, “ghosts”, etc.
    It actually makes sense from a physics point of view

  • mega

    I think I from a different world because the world where I am from medicine is advance and there is a cure brake through for AIDS but when I look around now technology is advance. I don’t I am crazy because I marry my wife and she still the same to me.

    • Kanye Asxs

      stop trolling child, you are the same troll in every comment. no
      there is no such a thing as a parellel universe

  • Paul

    I have experienced, and I am experiencing, what I sometimes call a parallel universe, or a parallel dimension, and other things too… I don’t have to debate with another about whether or not what I am experiencing really exists, or is a distortion in my mind or something, because I know it is real, as I know you are real… I am writing this because I know there are others who want to know if there is other life in the universe, and other things too… I am writing this to confirm that there is other life in the universe, and other things too… not because I have ‘heard’ something… or I ‘believe’ something… but because I ‘know’ what exists… Make of this what you will, it is the truth… and I just wanted you to know… Thank you for listening… I hope you get something out of this…

    • Valerie Ancisso

      I’m glad it’s not just me

    • disqus_S6YWbtgd2n

      I know also, maybe we should see if we know any of the same things.

  • Aritra Hazra

    so the guy from Taured. Now, we know the name, so what if, while creation of this new country (in the future), the government desides to change the name to something else. so the whole future is changed and so as the past. Things gets strange!

    • disqus_S6YWbtgd2n

      That would be true in time travel, but not in interdimentional travel.

  • Eric Bruckmair

    My friend and I both have a vivid memory of being in a movie theatre together. We both recollect exactly where we sat, him touching my hand, being alone, and neither of us actually saw the movie playing, know where this theatre is, or if we came together or left together. His remembered view was from slightly above us two, with his back to the screen, mine was from a seat on our right . It took several years for us to accidentally discuss this meeting. Possibly 15 or more. But now it’s certain that this never really took place and we are baffled. Anyone know what the heck could be going on here?

    • Kanye Asxs

      Happened in a dream.
      This already occurred with me.

  • That was a cool read…Thanks to the author!

  • Tim Riggins

    I admit I have dreams of movies and TV shows that never existed. One seemed to be a late eighties or early nineties cop show called Top Investigative Unit.

  • PersonaTexas

    Love the many worlds theory. It’s romantic to think about if you ask me. They say that you should work for something you are passionate about, and if I think that this subject matter if romantic too me, I think I might be on to something.

  • disqus_S6YWbtgd2n

    It’s very hard to explain, not in person, and to closed minded people, but I’m certain I know how to travel to at least one other dimension.

    • John

      Hello, i just stumble upon this page for first time, and right away saw your comment. Please write to my email, I am very courious to talk about this and hear your explanation and maybe guide . jj.ilavsky@centrum.sk

    • disqus_S6YWbtgd2n

      I’ll get back to you as soon as I have time, more so as soon as I can word it so you know I’m not lying.

    • John

      Really looking forward to read it and thanks in advance then.

    • John

      Really looking forward to read that and thank you for your effort in advance.

    • disqus_S6YWbtgd2n

      I’ll keep going as soon as I am able to.

    • handsome

      hello, i’ve read your comments, and i’m interested in your explanation, can i have your email?

    • disqus_S6YWbtgd2n

      First of all you must keep a very open mind. Second of all I’m pretty sure as of now, you must be chosen, by whom, I don’t know yet. For many year’s of my life I could not put all the clues together, because I lived in the moment. I have pretty much lost all evidence of at least one other dimension. Be called crazy so many times by the ones you love over and over any you start to believe it. Then when you sit back, when you have nothing but time on your hands, and you see they just didn’t have the mentality to absorb the possibilities of the universe, and truly never will. Third you have to examine the possibilities that there are a number of entities and people trying to limit your travel.

    • John

      Can u give me your skype or something ? Because couple of questions pops in my head and rather talk about it throught messages or email rather than here (beacuse a pressume it will be long debate and dont want to spam forum here 🙂 )

  • Cranky Canadian

    @Yuri Araujo That’s Washington State in the US. My exit was in British Columbia, Canada between Langley and Abbotsford where 272 street runs north/south but now bends west just before it meets highway 1.

    • Kanye Asxs

      I didn’t experienced nothing like that, sorry.
      are you sure no one remembers this exit? Maybe someone remember, or it is just your memory that is falling, because If you think you shifted to another Universe then you are putting too much importance on you, isn’t it? And it is dangerous, because If you really shifted to another universe , then we are all illusions of your new universe, and you are eternally alone in your life as we are just illusions of the infinite universes that you keep shifting.. better investigate this thing better. You can’t simply ‘shift’ and everything’s ok, no, or you are totally alone eternally shifting and we are all illusions created for your new universe (solipcism) or you didn’t shift at all, and that’s just wrong memory or perception in the Universe we all live in.
      Try to investigate it better, see if your memories are really telling you the truth.

    • Cranky Canadian

      I had no reason to photograph a highway exit that i never used only passed so no there is no evidence and I don’t know anyone who remembers it other than me, but then I haven’t discussed this with very many people either. All the people I did talk to say that the exit never existed, yet it did for me. It disappeared over a weekend. There are no photos of it now, because the exit never existed in this universe if what I think happened to me really happened and I am not just crazy. I am sorry I wish I could prove it to you or even to myself. I can’t. I simply counted the exits on my way to a different city every weekend for several months and then suddenly one weekend it wasn’t there and no one else remembered it ever being there. I would love to find a different logical explanations and I have tried to find one, but there just isn’t one that has come to me yet. Please understand that I am a skeptic by nature and if anyone else had told me this story, I would laugh myself silly. But its hard to laugh at something bizarre when it is happening to you. I have not jumped to a conclusion, I swear, that’s why I don’t tell many people about it or spend time worrying about whether the people around me are mine or other universers. I just go on and live my life but in the back of my head is this weird story that happened to me once. if this works, below is what the spot where I remember the exit, which disappeared in just a couple of days, would have been. One day it looked like a highway exit, a couple of days later it looked like this.

    • Kanye Asxs

      If you had taken picture, and show it to someone it would certainly be a worldwide issue. This never happened to anyone on earth. Something only existing for one person? not even in hollywood movies, This is totally out of logic, I’m sorry, but if you had taken that photo , it would be a worldwide trend topic for years, If you had that proof, you’d receive a great prize , a lot of interviews, etc, etc.. you’d be considered a alien. But I’m very skeptical , you know, if you had the photo on the Iphone it would be a mess.

    • Cranky Canadian

      whatever dude.

    • Yan Marrero

      I seriously am curious, because i think that the multiverse is a very real thing, lots of things just don’t add up and for me i just constantly feel like things have happened before, maybe SLIGHTLY different, or very often dreams that i’ve already had, end up happening in some fashion but in reality

      also the way i perceive the world feels very different than a few years ago and i can’t explain how

    • Kanye Asxs

      Do you have any pictures, I’m sure some picture will prove that the exit was there, pictures can’t lie

    • Kanye Asxs

      Do you have facebook? I have to tell my history to you, but It’s too confidential


    I just searched for this topic because it happened to me, just now. No, to my friend to be exact. I showed (lets call them friendA and friendB) a video (Anime’s Got Talent), and it’s the first time I showed it to them. Then A said that I already did. While B said that I haven’t. We watched it nonetheless.

    While watching, A pointed out some scenes that she remembered from the “last time” she said that I showed it to them. B and I really swear that it’s just the FIRST TIME WE WATCH THAT VIDEO TOGETHER.

    Then thinking, A described the setting “we had last time”. That setting actually happened. What’s different is, we watched a movie that time and not an anime.

    Having the fact that the setting really happened, and thinking maybe she just remembered a different scenario, why did A knew scenes from the video? She doesn’t even like anime, per se. So there’s no way she’ll watch it without us.

    Another thing is that, I told them that I tagged friend C when I posted the video on FB BEFORE WE WATCH THE VIDEO. AND THEN A TOLD ME “YEAH, THAT ONE, YOU MENTIONED THAT!” WELL SHIT, IT WAS JUST ALSO THE FIRST TIME I TOLD THEM THAT FACT!

    I said that maybe you just saw my post on FB? But no, she didn’t even see my post. Then she mentioned the period where apparently we watched the video. “It was around November where the movie we watched came out.” A said.

    But looking at my post on FB, it was only on Dec.31, 2015 while the movie we watched came out on Nov.23. Then time tracking, she haven’t been on our house until January 5, 2016. So there’s no way we can watch that video together during that time.

    Up until this moment, she’s chatting me swearing that THE LAST TIME ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    So now, did she hop through a parallel universe? had an alter vu? or what?

  • Renee

    Lets say that dae ja vu is a window into an alternate universe and that its your ‘other life’ then that sux because I don’t want to be where i am now in another timeline – I would have hoped that my ‘other timeline’ would be a place that i am better off!

  • Parallel11

    I’m wondering if I had a brief experience of a parallel universe I am currently in via a memory. I would love some feedback. Its nowhere near as crazy cool as these stories, but its something….Ok, here goes.

    I basically woke up with a memory of something that never happened.

    It was like the memory was implanted into my brain overnight
    and I woke up with it. It was me and my ex; we were walking down a street in
    the city, like a neighborhood in the city, the streetlights were out, so it was
    really dark, I was to the right of him, him to the left, and we were just
    walking down this sidewalk in the city, not speaking or anything, just walking.
    It must have been really late because no one else was out but us. I remember
    what he was wearing and everything; a black zipper up hoodie. The area even
    seemed very familiar to me. It seems like this happened awhile ago. I think we
    were younger. Thing is, this never happened. We never walked together in the
    city in this scenario. Never. Except for, I remember it so well!….But only
    after waking up with the memory in my mind as of today! It was not a dream,
    this 100% a memory. I, being a spiritual person, start to think of parallel universes, etc.

    I know this happened, but I only received the memory today.

    I would LOVE some feedback. I am totally floored by this memory. I cannot stop thinking about it. I know it happened, I want to know more…its like the answer is on the tip of my brain….

    • Rob

      That’s a very strange situation. I’ve also had dreams that are as clear as actual memories. The brain can be weird in that way.

      This could be a case of a very strong realistic dream, or it could be something more. I’m not sure anyone could say for certain.

    • ralphylad

      I too have had a similar experience as you both

  • Its like back in 2013 i remember the world completely ending when the Large Hadron Collider was turned on everything up to the exact moment when my mum hugged me like i can remember it in my head but in reality thats not what happend she hugged me and the world just kept going

  • Jay Kenley

    I think we can sometimes remember things wrong and convince ourselves we are right, but he is right this does not seem to follow the workings of our universe, I agree something weird happened but it happened in your brain, seriously I think some weird phenomena effected ur brain.

  • Kashtin Davis Jimmy

    when I was a kid I had dream that didn’t happen yet but years later it happened.
    I believe this is true

  • marcos rios

    What i am about to say is really weird i am not a troller or a person who likes to prank people. my story is true i was searching up “i just had a dream about a parallel universe” Because i had a dream of me going to a parallel universe everything was almost the same my bedroom was a bit different i couldnt move. In the parallel universe animals like butterfly’s, reptiles,dogs and cats could shape shift into humans. The humans/animals used a type of oil to blend in with humans.It looked like i was in a chines city because it looked like a chines building that you would see in movies. every building was black. spaceships where flying out of the city not airplanes but something else (more advanced spaceships). my bedroom was upside down .I TRIED WAKING UP BUT I COULDN’T UNTIL IN PARALLEL I WAS ABLE TO MOVE ONCE I ABLE TO MOVE I WOKE UP. After i woke up i fell smart i knew everything!!!! i started hearing sounds like a vuuvuuuvuuuvuu and then om oommm ommmmm. Right know i am afraid that if i go to sleep i will go to the parallel universe and never come back. i am telling you guys this story not to be famous but just in case i never come back i want people to know this story

  • Nigastrippin

    You are all tard bags. Get ur head in reality please for the sake of our children and future and sanity!!!

  • ralphylad

    I think this is the way science is coming around too, that all that is actually real is the NOW present consciousness and all choices that could and would potentially happen are all “out there” I say in speech marks because its all actually happening in here!, every choice we make sets up another infinite set of possibilities that depending on our actions and our choices allow us to experience our reality, the main question is, are my other consciousness experiencing all the other choices I didnt make? I truly believe that this is the case.

    • Crystal Bearrington


  • Steve Livesley

    How about this. There are parallel universes BUT your consciousness can only exist in one of them at any one time (life would be too confusing otherwise). So, instead of creative visualisation creating a future which you desire, it is simply a mechanism to enable you to “jump” to a parallel universe where you have made all the right decisions and moves to be the type of existence you are looking for.
    As you transfer to the alternate universe it is necessary to take on all the memories which apply to that dimension and sometimes, when you jump, things get a millisecond out of sync giving you the deja vu experience. Maybe you sometimes retain strands of memories from the old dimension into the new and they don’t quite fit.

    A person who has many deja vu experiences may be hopping from universe to universe looking for a satisfactory outcome – someone who has few or no deja vu experiences is pretty content in their present existence.
    For those of you who do have deja vu, try to think if there is anything about your life situation that might make you want to jump at that particular time.
    Just some random thoughts which might generate some interesting speculation.

  • Jeffrey Wymore

    Go ask Walter Bishop.

  • james

    if multiverses existed that would mean endless possibilities for every decision made becomes a different outcome so we as individual people would not exist in these multiverses ……are we saying that all are family ancestors met in the same way ? generations of our family tree all met in the same way dating back thousands of years ?? had the same amount of children in each multiverse ??? and only a road/shop has changed from one universe to another ? come on guys !!!! …..im not saying they don’t exist but if they do then every universe in the multiverse would be completely different

  • Christina

    I woke up this morning know I left my old life behind and started crying. I remember this life but everything is different backwards and I feel so weird.