Bigfoot Sightings 2020: The Continuing Adventures of Our Friend the Sasquatch

We’ve already seen a number of new and intriguing Bigfoot sightings in 2020, including multiple recordings of howls, strange creatures measuring over 9-feet-tall, and at least one cardboard cutout (we’ll get to that). Below, you’ll find this year’s highlighted sightings, with brief descriptions containing links to videos and other info. I’ll try to keep it updated as the year progresses.

As always, I’ll leave you to decide whether or not any of these reports are worthwhile.

Recent Bigfoot Sightings & Reports In 2020

Bigfoot sighting on dashcam in Alberta, Canada

Image: Sonny Vator/YouTube

An oilfield worker driving near Nordegg, Alberta, Canada captured a “tall dark figure” on his dashcam in mid March. The figure, which he believes may have been Bigfoot, can be seen standing inside a line of trees. Returning to the area the next day to investigate, the witness allegedly discovered footprints and hair in the snow, as well as a spot near the trees where something large had been lying or sitting down.

Another Bigfoot scream in Ohio

Following a previously recorded howl in January (also in Ohio, see below), this video contains audio of what the uploader describes simply as “strange scary noises.”

According to the witness, Preston Riley, the footage was captured on February 9 at 2:43. He’d heard noises outside his home and went to investigate. “I couldn’t understand what I was hearing,” he wrote, “Because I’ve never heard anything like this before near the woods at my house.”

Bigfoot prints in Manitoba Wetlands

A man was picking sweet grass in Manitoba, Canada when he discovered possible Sasquatch tracks. In the beginning of his video, he takes measurements of both his own and his brother’s shoe prints, then compares those to the potential creature prints (which are compared at about the 2:30 mark). The prints appear to measure roughly 14-15 inches long, 7 inches wide. “They’re not four-legged,” the man said.

Photo of Bigfoot carrying a deer

Lon Strickler of Phantoms & Monsters received a very strange photo from a witness in Valley County, Idaho. The image, while low quality, is said to be of a possible Bigfoot carrying what may be a deer carcass.

According to the witness’s report, he’d been out hunting with a business partner when they heard screaming, which they thought may have been a “deer in distress.” Looking to see what it was, they saw what they thought was “another hunter.” However, the individual’s strange size and gait made them question that possibility. The witness then used a pair of binoculars, revealing what may have indeed been a Bigfoot stomping through the forest, carrying a deer over its shoulders.

Sasquatch screams in eastern Kentucky

A man was hiking near his home when he heard what may have been a Bigfoot howl, though he remains skeptical. The incident was captured on video, and the scream can be heard at about 1:29.

Follow-up on Washington State sightings

Image: WSDOT East/Twitter

In late January, I shared news regarding an official Washington State Department of Transportation Twitter account, and an alleged Bigfoot sighting they tweeted just off Sherman Pass/SR 20. While most (including myself) were skeptical of the claim, the situation was even more dubious than originally believed. As it turns out, the “Bigfoot” was in fact a cardboard cutout. As WSDOT East shared on February 26, “Rumor has it someone placed a 3/4″ wood cutout of Bigfoot on the tree. However, if you look now, the cutout is now gone.”

More Bigfoot sightings near Sherman Pass

While the above Washington State report turned out to be a hoax, it prompted a man named Gary to come forward with his own stories. He claims he experienced multiple Bigfoot sightings in that very area, where he used to work building logging roads.

He told his tale to KHQ, recounting that he and his crew used to hear “otherworldly screaming” and the sounds of “stick pounding.” He also claims to have directly encountered a female Bigfoot, estimating that she stood at least 9-feet-tall, and was completely black.


Bigfoot near Little Tennessee River

A report submitted to BFRO in February detailed a Bigfoot sighting in Swain County, North Carolina. A couple were driving along the river when the witness spotted what she initially thought was “an odd looking man.”

As they drove by, however, the figure stood, revealing itself to be a potential Bigfoot. Despite being “in tears from the fear,” the witness and her husband turned their car around to get a better look. “He was HUGE!!!!” she reported, describing the creature as “at least 8-9 feet tall” and covered in black hair.

A questionable Bigfoot scream

While I find this particular video more dubious than the others, it did manage to go viral. Two hikers were venturing through Salt Fork State Park on January 12 when they encountered possible evidence of Bigfoot, or perhaps the local Ohio Grassman. They later managed to capture footage of the creature, along with a rather dramatic yelp.

Bigfoot prints at Medoc Mountain State Park, North Carolina

Stephen Barcelo, owner and operator of Littleton, North Carolina’s Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum, shared video of potential Bigfoot prints at Medoc Mountain State Park in North Carolina on January 24. Along with the strange prints, broken trees also littered the area, which appeared to have been snapped at odd heights.

According to Barcelo, other prints had previously been spotted in the area by a different group of investigators. He returned to the site the next day to better examine the broken trees, and later shared a video of casting the print.

The Bigfoot Situation in Littleton, North Carolina

Related to the above, one of this year’s most compelling sightings came out of Littleton, North Carolina. While it lacks concrete evidence, the testimony of the witness stands out due to just how visibly perturbed he was — and his description of the beast came only 20 or so minutes after the sighting itself.

The man appeared terrified as Stephen Barcelo quizzed him on his experience.

“I know I saw Bigfoot,” the man said, visibly shaken. “He was black, he was all bent over, his feet was real big.”

“Did it scare you?” Barcelo asked, to which the man could only respond, “Yep.”

“He had big hands…his fur was real, real black, and it was shaggy.” He said the creature saw him. “He disappeared, though,” the man said, “He disappeared.” South and into the woods. Perhaps most notably, the sighting occurred in the middle of the day, just around noon. The man said he believed what people had told him about Bigfoot previously, but his own sighting had made it truly “real.”

Littleton has seen a number of Bigfoot sightings lately, with residents coming forward with strange tales of encounters with towering hairy creatures. Last year, Barcelo interviewed a Littleton woman who witnessed what she believes was Bigfoot while driving through town.

Bigfoot Sightings from Previous Years

A shadowy figure with glowing eyes looks back from within a forest

Oklahoma Bigfoot and social distancing

A would-be Bigfoot sighting in Oklahoma this year turned out to be part of a mischievous social distancing PSA. The Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area Facebook page shared a number of images of a light brown hairy humanoid on March 30, 2020, and even included an “official” document detailing alleged reports of the cryptid in the area. However, as it turned out, it was just a guy in a suit.

Bigfoot peers through Colorado window

A man and his wife in Bailey, Colorado experienced a rather lengthy (possible) Sasquatch sighting in 2017 when a large ape-like creature peered in at them through one of their home’s windows. Reportedly, the creature had a “harsh odor,” and the witness shared several images.

Bigfoot in Alabama

Cryptozoology News received a report of a possible Bigfoot sighting that happened back in December. A man was deer hunting when he heard a piece of wood hit a nearby tree. At first, he thought it was simply a fallen limb, however an hour later he also began to hear “whistling and grunting.”

Later that evening, he encountered a towering dark figure, measuring around 7.5 feet tall with matted hair and a cone-shaped head. The creature retreated behind some bushes, and the hunter left “as quietly as possible.”

Sasquatch tracks in the Mojave Desert

Real Eyes TV featured a video from 2016 of large tracks “made by something big and unknown in the thick brush in the Mojave riverbed.” In the footage, a group of ATV riders stumble upon a set of large prints, and the man behind the camera describes them as “huge.”

New River Gorge sighting and photo

A couple of former Bigfoot skeptics believe they may have actually captured a photo of Bigfoot in the woods outside their home in Fayette County, West Virginia in October of last year. The witnesses described the cryptid as roughly 8.5 ft tall with a large chest and cone-shaped head. The image, while distant, shows a dark figure standing between some trees.

Bigfoot runs across road in Ohio

In January, BFRO received what they consider a “Class A” and “very credible” Bigfoot report. The sighting happened near an intersection in Fairfiled County, Ohio on the evening of December 20. According to the witness, they were just approaching a turn on Winchester Southern Rd. when her husband spotted a “bipedal creature running toward the road from the left hand side” from a gap between two houses.

Despite the brevity of the sighting (they were traveling about 60 mph), the witness was able to describe the creature: It stood least 8-feet-tall, with “blondish red fur and [a] domed shoulder/head area.” It was running at full speed, and got close enough to their truck that it was momentarily illuminated by its headlights.


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