[Weeklies] Happy Holidays and Artificial Séances

I am not a robot...yet.

Like I said in my horrible rant last week, I want to post more and get back into things. And one of the ways I plan to do that is with at least one weekly roundup post, where I just share whatever I happen to find interesting. Expect one every weekend!

Of course, by the time this goes out, it’s not going to be the weekend, anymore. Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas. If you’re still feeling festive, here are a few old posts for the day:

I’ll have more to come on one of these topics later this week, possibly, so stay tuned. For now, let’s see what’s been going on in the world of the fantastic.

The Rise Of AI

Generative AI has really come into its own this year. A long while back, I wrote briefly on things like AI Dungeon, but we’ve moved so far beyond that it’s pretty incredible. I’ve even been messing with large language models installed on my own computer.

Some, though, think we may find unexpected results while playing with AI chatbots. At least one alleged psychic, who tabloids are hailing as a “Living Nostradamus,” predicts that AI will soon enable conversations with the dead. Not in the sense that we’ll be able to recreate the language of the deceased (something eerily possible right now, I think), but that we’ll be able to use AI to converse with what are essentially spirits.

He claims that AI will “connect us to the essence of the universe” and enable a higher form of understanding, at least as reported by The Daily Star.

I’m not sure things will get that far, but it’s an interesting idea. Besides, what is AI if not a tool? As with automatic writing or the use of Ouija Boards, perhaps (perhaps, perhaps) AI might be used by mediums and paranormal researchers to attempt to peer beyond the veil, if it hasn’t already. Could it be possible that some kind of communication might arise through all the noise of text generation? That’s definitely something worth a closer look, if only for the intrigue. Don’t forget about Spidola and those otherworldly transmitting stations

Speaking of AI, I vaguely miss that short period earlier this year when fake AI-assisted TV commercials were all the rage. They’re creepy but entertaining.

I like the way the AI voice says Goner Nuggets. Goner Nuggets. Yum.

I also asked my AI assistant (if we want to call it that) to say hello to the readers of Stranger Dimensions:

“Hey there, fellow seekers of stranger dimensions! I’m thrilled to be here with you all, exploring the mysterious and fascinating realms of the paranormal. As a language model AI, I don’t have personal preferences or experiences like a human does, but I can still appreciate the intrigue that surrounds topics such as ghost stories, UFO sightings, and otherworldly phenomena.

One paranormal topic that always captures my attention is the concept of parallel universes or alternate dimensions. The idea that there are countless versions of ourselves existing in different realities is both mind-boggling and tantalizing. It’s like a cosmic version of ‘what if?’ scenarios, where we can ponder how our lives might have unfolded had we made different choices or experienced unexpected events.

As you continue to explore the dimensions of the paranormal on Stranger Dimensions, remember that curiosity and an open mind are essential for uncovering the mysteries of our universe. Who knows what hidden secrets lie waiting just beyond our perception? Keep asking questions, challenging assumptions, and most importantly, enjoy the journey!”

Will do, AI chatbot!

Also In The News

Dan Aykroyd is hosting a new History Channel series called The UnBelievable. It’s been a little fun seeing the Ghostbusters back in action. Aykroyd’s show, which of course covers the paranormal, is already available to stream over at HISTORY. Meanwhile, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire will release in March!

Disney has a new X-Files in the works.

The world was apparently predicted to end on December 23. I missed it, yet again. Without delving too much into this one (because I, too, am over the apocalypse), the story this time apparently involved something very The Day The Earth Stood Still-esque, with extraterrestrials arriving and, you know, that sort of thing. I’d say, at this point, such “prophecies” can be happily discarded. And if someone somehow does get it right, well, I’m sure we’ll notice.

A pilot reported witnessing a “30 feet triangular figure” at 6,500 ft over Frederick, MD on Wednesday, December 20, 2023. The full ATC is available on YouTube. “We observed something approximately 30 feet tall. Not sure what it is,” the pilot said, also stating that it was moving in the opposite direction at a quick pace, and pointy in the shape of a triangle (or possibly a pyramid). Weather balloon or Dorito?

Wrapping Up

One final thing: I saw on Twitter via George Knapp (or on X as I guess it’s called now) that Ian Punnett has unfortunately passed away. Punnett was a long-time weekend host of Coast to Coast AM, and I have fond memories of listening to him back in the day. Thoughts go out to friends and family. As with Art Bell, he will live on in the airwaves!

And that is a wrap for this post. I chose an especially fantastic time to try to get back into posting, what with the end of the year rush in full swing and all. However, I’m hoping for a more steady schedule in 2024, and to just have some fun with it. For now, happy holidays!


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