Google Maps Anomaly: A Colorful “UFO” Amongst The Clouds

Posted by on September 28, 2012
Google Maps Anomaly: A UFO?

I don’t post about UFOs much anymore, mostly because I don’t find them all that interesting. But weird stuff on Google Maps? I’m all over that (for some reason).

This strange, UFO-shaped anomaly was spotted in Google Street View by Andrea Dove as she searched for directions in Jacksonville, Texas. It looks like a flying saucer, but misty and cloud-like.

The media, surprisingly, has jumped all over it.

You can view this strange object on Google Maps yourself by clicking here.

The Jacksonville, Texas "UFO"
The Jacksonville, Texas “UFO” (Image: Google Maps)

ABC News also reports that a similar object can be seen in the Street View of Sky City Casino Hotel in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico (just go into Street View and scan up when you get there).

The New Mexico "UFO"
The Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico “UFO” (Image: Google Maps)

The Jacksonville, Texas Street View image, according to Google, was taken in July of 2008. The New Mexico image, March 2008. So it’s unlikely (as much as the media would like to play up the mystique) that anyone would have noticed anything recently.

Personally, I’m voting that it’s a sonic boom, or something similar. It may also be, as some say, a lens flare. Or I could be wrong, and what we see here is a pan-dimensional alien craft mid-way through teleportation back to its home universe.

What do you think?

Update: Lens flare it is! (Thanks for the tip, Max)

Google Maps Lens Flare
Image: Google Maps

I knew it wasn’t a UFO but…it’s fun to pretend.


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  • Max

    Not a ufo!

    2–98 N Bolton St
    Jacksonville‎ Teksas‎ 75766

  • Darryl Smith

    Odd looking cloud with sun reflecting off of it