Google Maps Anomalies: The Lost Island

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Sandy Island on Google Maps
Image: Google Maps

Researchers have just discovered that a small island in the South Pacific, visible on Google Maps and other charts, apparently doesn’t exist.

It’s called Sandy Island, and (should be) situated northeast of Australia, off the west coast of New Caledonia. You can see it clearly on the Google Map image above, just a relatively small speck of land, which I’ve highlighted. But a recent expedition to the area found that it isn’t there.

See for yourself: The lost island on Google Maps

Lost Island On Google Maps

Image: Google Maps

So what happened to it? Did it simply vanish?

It’s possible, as some claim, that the existence of the island on certain maps and not others could indicate a map maker’s mark, in which a cartographer added a phony island to the original map as a form of copyright. Any other maps containing the mark would then be instantly recognizable as copies.

An Auckland librarian also found evidence of Sandy Island on a chart dating back to 1908.

It’s strange, though, looking at Google’s satellite images of the area. The island almost looks like it’s been painted over with black. Erased.

Maybe it’s a glitch.

Is It A Glitch?

Image: Google Maps


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  • Joshua Serbin

    Maybe this island is the secret location of where the missing flight MH370 has landed at?

  • Lemuel Vargas

    Or it might be the underwater base of the extra (intra?) terrestrial aliens that hijacked the flight…the tip of the base was the one showing and when it retracts in the water, voila!!!! No island!!!

    • Rob

      Well someone should definitely contact CNN about that.

  • Hogan Galloway

    With enough money to buy an island and a desire for privacy that was strong enough. You could find a way to grease a few palms and get an island taken off a few maps. Or it’s a military installation. No reason to leap straight to the conclusion that’s it’s aliens.