Become A Martian, And Help Map Mars

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So, this month the Curiosity rover braved its Seven Minutes Of Terror and successfully landed on Mars. Since then, it’s been snapping photos, vaporizing rocks, and tweeting all about it.

I wouldn’t blame you if you felt a bit left out, but don’t worry — you, too, can wander the fascinating terrain of Mars with NASA’s virtual exploration experience, Be A Martian!

Described as a “human-robotic partnership,” Be A Martian is where you can actually help explore Mars, by mapping its terrain, counting craters, and tagging photos, all in a concerted effort to help the Mars rovers during their mission on the Red Planet.

“Join Us, and we can work together to create the most comprehensive global mosaic of Mars in human history.” – Why Map Mars

You can create an account and become a “Martian Citizen” to keep track of your progress, or just log in as a guest and take a look around (using a Martian “Anonymous Tourist Visa,” of course). There are also videos, Q&As with Mars experts, and a Mars Atlas, as well as updates on Curiosity’s progress, so it’s definitely worth a look.

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