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Lucid Dream Awareness

Study Shows Lucid Dreamers More “Self-Reflecting” While Awake

January 24, 2015 Science Leave a comment

Have you ever had a lucid dream? These are bizarre dreams during which the person dreaming is aware. I’ve had a few, and I’ve written about them before. Now, researchers believe they’ve found a neural connection between having lucid dreams and being self-reflective while awake. The study, titled “Metacognitive Mechanisms ...

Time Traveling In Your Dreams

Time Traveling In Your Dreams

January 21, 2013 Time Travel

In the past few weeks, I’ve had at least two dreams involving time travel. The first, I found myself in 1995. It was that strange variety of time travel involving the human consciousness — I inhabited the body of my younger self. Most of the dream, I spent my time ...