55 Comments A dog looks outside, wondering -- did it see a ghost?

4 Signs Your Pet Has Seen A Ghost

Can pets see ghosts? Dogs, cats, rabbits? Turtles? It’s an interesting question, and while it remains unclear whether or not ghosts actually exist, many people do believe that animals’ exceptional senses allow them to see anomalous activity that we humans cannot. There are even some alleged “signs” that our pets can, in fact, see ghosts.


Hitchhiking Ghosts: 5 Tales From People Who Were Followed Home

All Hallows’ Eve approaches. In the spirit of the season, I dived into Reddit’s r/paranormal in search of some of the more curious tales about hitchhiking ghosts – those entities that became, shall we say, a little too attached to their unwitting investigators. Have a look for yourself, but be careful – you may attract …

0 Comments Bretby Floral Ghost

Multiple Sightings of Ghost Wearing Floral Dress in Bretby, England

At least three people have come forward with stories of a black-haired ghost wearing a floral dress in the English village of Bretby, according to the Derby Telegraph. The latest to shine light on this fashionable specter is Matthew Roberts, who recounted a story he’d once heard about a pale, oddly-dressed woman with jet black hair. She …