Dreams and Dreaming

Scientists Get Closer to Understanding Why (And When) We Dream

Like everyone else, I’ve had all sorts of dreams. Most are about ordinary, everyday things – sometimes I’m back at school, or hanging out with people I’ve never met, or getting hundred-thousand-dollar book deals. Other times, I’ll be hiding behind a tree watching people get vaporized by space aliens. I guess it depends on my mood. …

Common Nightmares

5 Common Nightmares and Their Possible Meanings

Dreams are windows into other worlds. Real or imaginary, that depends on how you choose to look at them. But they also seem to tell us things about ourselves that our conscious minds often overlook. Our deepest hopes, our greatest worries. And our darkest fears. I’ve had my fair share of nightmares, and I’m sure …

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreaming and the World Within Your Mind

[box type=”shadow”]lu·cid – Adjective – characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness.[/box] A lucid dream is defined simply as “a dream in which you know you are dreaming.” In my experience, however, it goes much deeper than that.