Video: “Blackburn Ghost” Caught on Camera

Two men, on a dark night in Lancashire, England, caught this footage of what’s now being called the “Blackburn Ghost.” In the video, the two men spot a ghostly figure in the distance from their parked car, on a road between Blackburn and Belmont. But things take a turn for the strange when it begins to approach them.

The figure, dressed in white, has long dark hair and appears to be hunched over, using a walking stick. It shuffles toward the men in their car, as one of them moans in terror, shouting “Faster! Faster!” as the driver reverses. It then stops and wanders off. But the men decide to drive up to it and flash their lights. That’s when the figure lets out a shriek and dashes towards them, and the video ends.

Well, I’ll admit: I found this one pretty creepy (or at least weird), despite its dubious nature. The video was originally shared by the P.E.C. Pencari Entiti Crew, a Malaysian paranormal team, on December 7, 2014.

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Rob Schwarz

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