BigDog Wishes You A Happy Holiday

BigDog is kind of creepy. But apparently even a creepy four-legged robot that sounds like a dying housefly can take a moment to celebrate the holidays. In the above video, Boston Dynamics shows off three – three! – of their quadruped BigDogs hauling what appears to be Mrs. Claus, wishing everyone a happy holiday. Reindeer, …


Idaho State University Creates 3D-Printed Bigfoot Skeleton

Definitive evidence of Sasquatch – that skulking bipedal ape-like creature of the Pacific Northwest – continues to elude us. But one scientist at Idaho State University, Jeffrey Meldrum, recently set out to create something tangible from the alleged footage, photographs, and footprints of Bigfoot that researchers have collected over the years: a 3D-printed skeleton.


Gil Perez’s 1593 Teleportation Adventure

If you closed your eyes for only a moment and then found yourself instantaneously transported to another country thousands of miles away, how would you react? How would you explain yourself? Such was the bizarre situation that Gil Perez allegedly experienced in 1593, when he, if the legend is true, became an unwitting victim of random …


Has John Titor’s World War 3 Already Begun?

There’s been a lot of talk about World War 3 lately. After the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris this month, Pope Francis declared that we are now in the middle of a “piecemeal” world war. King Abdullah of Jordan shared a similar opinion, stating that “we are facing a third world war against humanity.” One …