Ghost Stories: When Children See Spirits

For the longest time, I’ve heard it said that children and animals are more perceptive to paranormal activity than adults.

There are innumerable stories from parents who have witnessed their children playing with “imaginary friends” who seemed remarkably real, or recalling descriptions of deceased family members they’ve never met that were eerily accurate. Perhaps something’s going on there, perhaps not.

One possibility I’ve stumbled upon is that a child’s ability to see spirits is directly linked to the development of the human eye. Over time, this ability fades, like with hearing or eyesight in general, but at a young age children are able to visually perceive something adults cannot. I can’t say why this is, at the moment, but perhaps I’ll look into it in a future post.

Anyway, here’s a very short anecdote I came across while investigating the matter, which I found pretty interesting. It was posted about a year ago on Reddit’s r/Paranormal by user MechaJohnWayne.

One night, his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter seemed to be acting restless in her crib. She was “maybe a little frightened,” he wrote, so he picked her up and took her into his room. At that point, she’d woken up quite a bit, and seemed calmer. But her eyes lingered at something he could not see.

“She was looking wondrously at the foot of our bed saying ‘look at the lights, the sparkles….’ Kind of playfully she kept mentioning “the lights”. Then she said “daddy, who’s that man?” Pointing directly at the foot of our bed.”

Not much else happened that night, and they went to sleep. However, according to MechaJohnWayne, the apartment may have been primed for a supernatural encounter — the previous owners of the apartment, an elderly couple, had passed away in it only a few months earlier.


There are other such stories in that thread, so check it out if you’re curious.

As a side note, I remember a long time ago, when I was a kid, an old legend that said you could see ghosts if you looked through the ring of a skeleton key. I even tried it once, but no dice. Perhaps some people are just more likely to see ghosts than others.


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  1. Circa 1980, my daughter is five and we are exploring forests and back roads in California. She greets someone I cannot see, then has an extraordinary conversation: the unseen person was a young boy, Native American, long dead. He told of raiders attacking his tribe’s encampment, of his mother urging him to run …hide! He ran like the wind, spurred by dying screams of his family and friends. He was found and killed. My daughter listened, asked questions, cried. Then she said goodbye. Her tears were still fresh as she told me about him. Later, I searched every library in several counties for information on the boy’s experience. City libraries, military base libraries, university libraries …and finally found a single paragraph, in an obscure reference volume, that related discovery of a slaughtered tribe …and the body of a young boy found some distance from the others.

    1. We live in an area of California that the Mono tribe used to inhabit. There are grinding bowls left in some of the big boulders on our property. My 4 year-old daughter, just this morning, pointed out of a window, towards some trees, and asked me “who is that guy?” and described a tall, Mono native man, naked from the waist up, long hair, standing about 50 yards away (!)

    1. Perhaps biological …something in the makeup of eye or brain that allows “tuning” to energy frequencies?

      1. My thoughts are their brain hasn’t “told them” that they are not supposed to see these things. They minds are much clearer and open when they are young.

  2. My son has seen shadows and lights since he was born. He can hear things that others can’t. He woke me up one night to see the pretty lights floating down front the ceiling, they were multi colored and sparkling, falling like rain he said. He was about 3. He was so upset that I couldn’t see them. I assured him I believed him and that by his description they were beautiful.

    I wish I was as open as he is.

  3. i was just old enuff to start sleep on a single bed!in the room was 2 single beds one for me n one for my olderbrother who was speending the night at a friends!!!i remember not wanting to sleep bymyself,in room,it just didnt feel rite it felt like i didnt belong in there,but of course my parents made me ,they were doing wat they thought was rite n i trusted them unconditionaly!!!!that things in the nite dont exist!!sogot put to bed n lights went out the door shut !remember there was two twin beds i was in the one closest to the door!being scared like i was i stared into the room,10 minutes went by n my eyes ajjusted to the dark,i could see in the room,exept for the far corner at the otherside of my room,it was still dark just that corner my eyes could not see into it so of course i stared at that dark corner for an houror so!!!!It was suttle but i noticed i could c the corner of my room thatshadow was slowly moving accrossthfoot of the first bed,i wasnt scared more captivated on this anomaly!!it was just a slowly moving blck shadow accross my back wall ,then FEAR SUNK IN IN!!!the dark speed up n came of the wall n started coming down the middle of the twin beds rite for me ! all i remember was throwing covers over my head in my memorie goes blank i cant remember nothing after that happend that nite!i m so curious to no wat happend after but its like i blaked out rite then!!!!i swear i saw this as a child before these ghost hunting shows acknowledged shadow people!so i wasnt influenced by media!!!wat do uthink happend after my black out!!i no there real i just dont believe i no!!!!