Ghost Plane Over Derbyshire Returns, RAF Says Not To Worry

Multiple residents of Derbyshire, England are once again reporting encounters with a mysteriously silent “ghost plane” flying overhead.

Last month, the Derby Telegraph published an article about the plane, sharing witness reports describing it as a dark, low-flying World War II-style aircraft. Not long after, they were inundated with dozens of new reports from other residents who had also recently witnessed the plane.

Their descriptions matched the others: An old plane, perhaps with a dark green color, that made no sound despite flying very low. In one instance, it was heading away from the nearby Egginton airfield and, according to the witness, “looked like it was going to crash.” Other witnesses reported that it looked like a Douglas Dakota, perhaps one that was about to hit the ground.

In a few cases, witnesses reported seeing not one but two old silent planes.

If any of this sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve actually been here before. Last year (around this time, in fact), I wrote about very much the same thing: Reports of a ghost plane, perhaps a Douglas Dakota, appearing over Derbyshire. Back then, witnesses also claimed that it seemed to be in distress and preparing to crash land, making no noise whatsoever.

Adding to the intrigue, the area of these sightings is known as Derbyshire’s Bermuda Triangle, where many planes have crashed over the years, including a Douglas Dakota in 1949.

In response to the most recent sightings, however, the Royal Air Force (RAF) has stated the plane is not a ghostly apparition, but rather three ordinary Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft that have been performing routine test flights over the area.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. The aircraft seen is an ordinary C-130, doing exactly what C-130s do. Nothing ‘ghostly’ about it. It’s a shame that we’re not capable of determining between a non-ordinary phenomenon and a routine, prosaic one. This means that the opposite probably happens as well: non-ordinary phenomena are mistaken for ordinary ones, and ignored. :)

    1. That’s essentially what I was getting at with my last sentence — the presence of the C-130s doesn’t necessarily negate the possibility of a “ghost plane.”

      It’s perhaps a similar situation with, say, paranormal “UFOs” and drones.

  2. Could be a military prototype being experimented with. If it doesn’t make much noise, the engine could be put into a drone and used for stealth missions. Of course, I can imagine such technology also being misused. It’s still a scary thought, but not in the same context as a ghost plane.

  3. A. Douglas. Dakota and a c-130 cargo plane are very very different in look and size. It seems All paranormal events are given a prozaic explanation by the authorities as to not scare the citizens. This goes on with all strange events in case no one has noticed.. Explained away. I think we are extremely short sighted as a society…