The Haunted Toilet of Bangladesh

Consider the terrors that lurk in the storied history of forteana: alien abductions, poltergeists, black eyed kids. Mysterious disappearances and unexplainable slips through time. There are too many to mention, but now there’s one more nightmare to add to the list: the haunted toilet of Bangladesh.

Last week, about 3,000 workers put down their tools and rioted at a garment factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh, demanding that a ghost be removed from the building. This after a female worker claimed to have been attacked by a spirit, which she said was living in a toilet in the women’s washroom.

The woman didn’t actually see a ghost. However, after falling ill, she assumed the vengeful toilet spirit was the cause of her illness. A djinn, perhaps.

Of course, while a ghost in a toilet may seem outlandish, poor factory conditions and sick workers aren’t something to laugh at. Apparently, thousands of workers in Southeast Asia have experienced unexplained illnesses, specifically in garment factories. Couple this with poor working conditions and an already-superstitious culture and you have a recipe for, well, some unfortunate events.

At any rate, a special prayer ceremony has been held to vanquish the toilet spirit and return the Bangledesh factory’s restrooms to normal. When it reopens, factory owners claim the building will be “ghost-free.”


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.