An Odd Collection Of Operation Highjump Images

From August 1946 to February 1947, the United States Navy conducted a military exercise in Antarctica known as Operation Highjump.

Officially, it was for personnel training and the investigation of potential areas for future bases.


Of course, the official story is never quite as interesting as the…unofficial one.

Some claim this was no mere training exercise. Instead,  Admiral Richard E. Byrd led an operation through Antarctica to rout the last of Nazis, who were holed up in an invisible fortification at the end of the world.

You may remember the comments reportedly made by Admiral Donitz during the Nuremberg trials, when he spoke of “an invisible fortification, in the midst of eternal ice.” In 1944, Donitz had made a similar statement outside of a German submarine:

“The German submarine fleet is proud of having built an invisible fortification for the Fuhrer, anywhere in the world.”

Could the following images, taken during Operation Highjump, hold evidence that something was up in Antarctica? Something weird? I can’t say for certain, but they’re definitely interesting. Have a look:

An odd light source emanating from the ground?

Operation Highjump - An Odd Light In Antarctica

Lights In Antarctica (Zoomed)

…that’s absent in this photo:

Lights In Antarctica (Gone)

Something in the air?

Operation Highjump - Nazi UFOs?

Operation Highjump - Nazi UFOs? (Zoomed)

Something of interest…

Operation Highjump - Something of Interest

A pyramid in the ice?

Operation Highjump - A Pyramid In The Ice?

A Pyramid In The Ice?

Images credit: Australian Antarctic Data Center.

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