John Titor & The Invention Of Time Travel

Originally posted by John Titor on February 14/15, 2001


As pointed out earlier, acceleration will produce time dilation. This can be observed by the “twins paradox”. As one twin stays on Earth, the other twin in his accelerating spaceship experiences a slower passing of time. When he returns to Earth, he is noticeably younger than his twin who aged normally in Earth time. This type of “time travel” should have been proven already on this worldline with atomic clock experiments. With sufficient power, this type of time travel will only provide practical displacement in a futile direction. This type of time travel is also isolated to a single worldline. You will not meet yourself.


As Einstein pointed out with his STR, the effects of gravity and acceleration are the same. Therefore, you will experience the same time travel effects in the twin paradox by being close to a large gravity source. In the atomic clock experiments mentioned above, the reason there was a difference in time was not because the clock in the plane was moving, it was because the clock in the well was closer to the center of the Earth. Constant speed is not acceleration.


The next step is to find a large gravity source to use in your time machine. Static black holes provide this type of power. As one twin approaches the event horizon or edge of the black hole, the other twin will watch him as he appears to slow down. He will notice his twin’s watch run slower until it stops at the event horizon. The twin moving toward the horizon will notice none of this and see his watch running just fine. Although possible, a trip into a static black hole will not take you to another worldline and it’s one-way. The force of gravity will crush you.


Fortunately, most black holes are not static. They spin. Spinning black holes are often referred to as Kerr black holes. A Kerr black hole has two interesting properties. One, they have two event horizons and two, the singularity is not a point, it looks more like a donut. These odd properties also have a pronounced affect on the black hole’s gravity. There are vectors where you can approach the singularity without being crushed by gravity.


Another other more interesting result of passing through a donut singularity is that you travel through time by passing into another universe or worldline. Please see Penrose diagrams for Kerr Black holes or you can examine the calculations of Frank Tipler.

So now the problem becomes…where do we find a donut-shaped singularity?


Steven Hawking proposed the existence of microsingularities that were created in the big bang. They were probably about the size of a proton and disappeared over the years due to an effect of radiation evaporation. (Yes, black holes do emit energy.)


When I first started posting online a few months ago, I said that major breakthroughs in particle physics were around your corner. Soon, CERN will bring their big machine on line and they will be smashing very fast and high-energy particles together. One of the more odd and potentially dangerous items produced from this increase in energy will be microsingularities a fraction of the size of an electron.


Through trial and error, and although they are quite heavy, hot and capable of putting out a great deal of energy (300 – 500 megawatts), it’s discovered that these microsingularities can be electrified and captured. It is also interesting to note at this point that electrified singularities also have two event horizons. By spinning these various microsingularities, a localized Kerr field is created.


By using two microsingularites in close proximity to each other, it is possible to create, manipulate and alter the Kerr fields to create a Tipler gravity sinusoid. This field can be adjusted, rotated and moved in order to simulate the movement of mass through a donut-shaped singularity and into an alternate world line. Thus, safe time travel.


  1. Through the use of high doses of psilocybin, I have travelled into the future, mentally, that is.

    Some of the discoveries I’ve found include that humans will have the ability to become immortal, there will be great diseases that wipe out almost all of humanity, and that some will be chosen to continue on, some will be chosen for elimination.

  2. Love the idea. Need to take a trip back in time to truly see why we are in the mess we are in.

  3. just answer me if we are travelling time and not the space what will happen if i go into the future like 10 years ahead nd where my time machine lands there was a building?
    wont my body and the machine will get stuck in that causing me death

    1. even if it is possible. do you think everyone will get to use it. and whats the gurantee that it will not cause a time paradox and change present where the time machine will never work

  4. This is really stupid. Looking into ‘the calculation of Frank Tipler’, that man had a psudoscience hypothesis based in religious dogma. Need I say more. However, it is a fact that time travel is real. However, the people on Earth are not allowed. We are being quarantined on this planet by advanced People of another star system.

    1. No es por nada pero cuando comentaste esto a pasado así un año y ahorita mismo estamos en cuarentena y se que ese no es el caso pero si somos pospuestos por seres más avanzados podríamos formar alianza (mandar mensajes esperando una respuesta) y no digo esto en modo de conflicto porque concuerdo con tu idea de hechos

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