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Are Cats Interdimensional Beings? Strange Tales of Teleporting Felines

Have you ever heard of teleporting cats? I know what you’re thinking: That’s one of the most bizarre headlines you’ve ever read here at Stranger Dimensions. Well, you’re probably right, but stick with me for a moment. Wikipedia defines an interdimensional being as “a type of theoretical or fictional entity existing in a dimension beyond our …

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Bigfoot Sightings 2019: Evidence and Videos of the Elusive Cryptid

New Bigfoot sightings are reported every month, stories of hairy bipedal humanoids lurking in forests around the world, and yet eluding definitive proof of their existence. The nature of these alleged creatures remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: A Bigfoot hunter’s job is never over. In 2019, I’ll update this page with recent Bigfoot …

0 Comments UFO Sightings 2019: Strange Lights And Haunted Skies

UFO Sightings 2019: Strange Lights And Haunted Skies

UFO sightings dropped again in 2018. According to NUFORC data, 2018 saw 3,253 total reports, down from 4,655 reports in 2017. How many will we see in 2019? Below, you’ll find a number of choice UFO sightings, videos, and other oddities updated throughout the year. You can also check out the UFO category for more …

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Why Ghosts Wear Clothes: A Matter Of Residual Self-Image?

While finishing up my post about the ghost of Stow Lake, I got to thinking about just how many ghosts are named after the clothes they allegedly wear. The White Lady of Stow Lake. The Grey Lady of Willard Library. The Pink Lady of Greencastle. The most well-known of these colorful spirits is probably the …