Wheelchair Rolls Away From Indian Hospital – Is a Ghost to Blame?

Now what exactly would a ghost want with a wheelchair?

I suppose those of us still in the land of the living will have to wait for the answer to that question. In the meantime, strange headlines are dancing around this week about a possible spectral saboteur taking off with a wheelchair from a medical and research institute in Chandigarh, India.

Through the exit and down the slope it goes, rolling as though some ghostly force were pushing it along.

Image: YouTube

The entire event was captured on the hospital’s security cameras, with multiple angles, and at least one security guard was at the scene (walking through the doors at about 0:53).

After witnessing the video for themselves, a few hospital employees weren’t too keen on returning for any more night shifts, or so reports say.

The security guard in the video, Manoj Kumar, eventually retrieved the wheelchair from its final resting place, and said simply that it was all “just wind, nothing else.” However, he also claimed to have been “feeling very cold” at the time, which some speculate may be evidence of a nearby ghostly entity.  Of course, it could also just be the wind.

One doctor at the hospital looked at the footage and also felt its movement was due to the wind. “It rolled on the smooth floor and went out,” she said, “It was just wind and not any ghost.”

Many viewers agree with this perfectly natural explanation. Others, however, remain skeptical of the skeptics. Perhaps a recently deceased spirit was having difficulties coping with the afterlife, and needed to sit down for a bit.

Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. Why do people always say ” a ghost” is it to frightening to consider a Demon ? ! Demons ( according to the Bible are ” Fallen ( from Grace”) Angelic beings ,they are created immortal this means they’ve been observing Humans for Millenia and they’re Liers ! Humans especially superstition ones,who don’t Know Jesus The Saviour are easily deceived and Demons princibly operate on your Fear. This is just as plausible an explanation as a Ghost.

  2. Obviously, this isn’t the original feed from the camera, but someone taking a video of the feed. You can see the camera moving all through the clip. Which leads me to ask, what led this person to take a video of a video at this particular moment? Has this happened before? Could it have been staged to prank the watchman?

    Not saying it didn’t happen, just eliminating the rational possibilities.

    1. I think it’s likely they just took video of the security recording, so this video wasn’t actually taken while it was happening.

      I thought about whether or not this might be a hoax, too, though. But with the security guard himself outright saying he’s certain it was just wind, it makes me wonder why they shared the video in the first place (which I guess is what makes this notable, even without the possibility of a ghost).

      1. I could provide an alternative explanation. There’s a tiny computer board called the Raspberry Pi zero. Maybe the Wheelchair was rigged up to act as an RC car with one of them so it can be controlled with a smartphone.