Ghostly Circus Ringmaster Stalks Man, Ruins His Relationship

Whenever you talk about Ouija boards or other types of paranormal rituals, you’ll often hear people warning you about their dangers. Maybe you’ll accidentally open a portal for demons, they say, or attract the attention of a negative entity like Zozo.

Or maybe, you’ll find yourself forever followed by the ghost of a 7-foot-tall circus ringmaster who just won’t seem to go away.

Strangely enough, a man from Worthing, West Sussex, England knows exactly what I’m talking about.

As the Mirror reports, ever since 37-year-old Ed Booker participated in a “sinister ritual to rid a home of evil spirits,” he’s been pestered by a terrifying, and yet very unique, supernatural entity.

It began after he and a group of paranormal investigators visited another West Sussex home, which had been under assault by what its residents felt were “dark forces.” Their goal was to perform an exorcism and free the home of its malevolent spirits.

From the very beginning, however, Booker sensed something truly evil there, recounting how no one in his group wanted to enter the house when they first arrived. “It just felt wrong,” he says.

And yet, they continued.

Once inside, Booker claims they witnessed the apparition of what appeared to be a circus ringmaster. He says it was “dressed all in black with a big top hat and a shovel on its shoulder.” It stared at them and grinned widely, its teeth chipped and rotting.

Ultimately, their exorcism of that house may have been successful, but with an unfortunate twist for Booker: The ringmaster ghost, or perhaps demon, now haunts him.

Ever since that day, Booker claims to have suffered a growing number of health issues, including depression and mood changes, and has found himself at the center of numerous paranormal occurrences. He’s woken up with scratch marks on his skin, and witnessed the tall, top hat-wearing shadow staring at him from the foot of his bed. Those around him have also claimed to see large shadows lurking nearby.

In one case, he even found the word “DIE” written on one of his windows (The Mirror features some images of this, as well as the alleged apparitions).

Things reached their peak when the entity physically attacked and pinned down Booker’s girlfriend, after which she left him for good. The ghost, he says, has destroyed his relationship and is ruining his life.

Other paranormal experts are recommending that Booker contact a medium or priest for help, because what he has there sounds like a parasitic entity, perhaps a demon. “I don’t know why it seems to want me,” he says, “People have said it’s not the flat that’s evil, it’s you – it’s attached itself to you.”

Now, if Booker had said he’s being followed by a 7-foot-tall circus clown, I’d say maybe it was just Puddles and there’s nothing really to worry about. He’s a good singer. But a ringmaster with gingivitis and a shovel?

Maybe a priest isn’t such a bad idea.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.