What to Do If You Receive a Mogwai for Christmas

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone, at least from where I’m sitting. But now we have to deal with the aftermath: wrapping paper clean up, return policies, traffic. And then there’s what to do with those gifts that are perhaps a little out of the ordinary.


Mysterious Photos of the Skeletons Inside of Us

One of Ray Bradbury’s more memorable short stories is one called “Skeleton,” published in Weird Tales in 1945. In it, a man named Harris slowly arrives at the terrifying realization that there’s a skeleton inside of him. “A skeleton,” Bradbury wrote, “One of those jointed, snowy, hard things, one of those foul, dry, brittle, goudge-eyed, skull-faced, …

Video: A Musical Tesla Coil Sings The Imperial March from Star Wars

So, did you see the new Star Wars trailer? I’m cautiously optimistic, though it’s been a while since I’ve actually cared about Star Wars. Still, this video of a musical Tesla coil featuring The Imperial March is pretty cool. Musical (or singing) Tesla coils work by modulating their spark output (that mystifying electric discharge) to …


President Obama’s Face Appears on Mars

In the ongoing adventures of chrononaut and teleportation-expert Barry Sotero, some UFO enthusiasts are now claiming to have spotted President Obama’s head on Mars. The curious “ancient head” was originally discovered by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily in a 2005 NASA image. But YouTuber Paranormal Crucible enhanced the image, only to discover that the “ancient …