Is CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Actually a Star Gate?

In March of next year, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will awake once more with nearly double the energy it had two years ago. When it does, scientists hope to achieve 13 TeV (teraelectron volts), which according to The Economic Times, is “an energy never achieved by any accelerator in the past.”

But what is the Large Hadron Collider, really? While officially, the scientists in Geneva are performing complicated physics experiments to better understand our universe, not everyone is convinced that knowledge is its true purpose. Instead, certain conspiracy theorists believe the LHC…

…is a Star Gate built to return the Annunaki to Earth.

Image: Kenneth Lu via CC by 2.0
Image: Kenneth Lu via CC by 2.0

Follow me, for a moment.

At the entrance to CERN, you’ll find a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva. More specifically, this is the Dancing Shiva, a depiction known as the Nataraja. It was given to the research center by the Indian government as a gift in 2004, a symbol of “Shiva’s cosmic dance of creation and destruction.” To quote the plaque adjacent to the statue (full contents here):

“The Nataraja in Ananda Tandava shows Him dancing the universe into existence, sustaining it with His rhythm and dancing it to extinction. Creation is sparked by the vibration of the drum in the right hand; protection of sustenance by the open palm of the front right arm, a gesture of assurance that grants freedom from fear. The fire in the left arm dissolves the universe while the front left arm points downward to the lifted left leg, the solace of the worlds.”

As conspiracies go, some have taken the presence of this statue to mean something beyond its obvious symbolism: using scientific research as a facade, the Large Hadron Collider is actually an attempt to create a star gate, a portal to another world.

Or another time.

Image: CERN
Image: CERN

In 2008, before the Large Hadron Collider awoke for the first time, there were rumblings in the media that such a thing could be possible. Mathematical physicists Irina Aref’eva and Igor Volovich suggested that the LHC could become powerful enough to warp space-time and create wormholes, allowing time travel back to the moment the machine was turned on. But even that is tame compared to what comes next.

And what comes next, according to this conspiracy, is the Annunaki. While historically, the Annunaki are known as the deities of ancient Mesopotamian cultures, ancient astronaut theorists raise another possibility: that the Annunaki are a race of extraterrestrials who visited Earth long ago and meddled in the affairs of our ancient cultures (if not created them outright).

Cosmic Conspiracies

Shiva, as fate would have it, is thought by some to be one of these Annunaki. And the statue of Shiva that lies outside of CERN? It reveals a dark, dark secret.

The scientists at CERN are no mere researchers; they are members of a doomsday cult, agents of the Annunaki using ancient technology to create a star gate that will allow the old gods to return to our planet. To what end? That, I do not know.

Of course, this is just a conspiracy theory. Another is that the Nataraja was placed outside of CERN in an attempt to appease the gods, in fear that the LHC would bring about the end of the world.

Whether you choose to believe that it’s a doomsday device, a star gate, or an ordinary particle accelerator meant for scientific exploration, one thing is clear: there’s no shortage of interesting stories coming out of CERN these days.

What stories will 2015 bring?

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.