Weird Coconut Doll With Human Teeth Found On Florida Beach

A report by WKMG News 6 in Orlando, Florida last week highlighted the bizarre tale of Bruce Robertson, who found a very strange “doll” on the sunny sands of Cape Canaveral.

Robertson had been strolling along the beach at Cherie Down Park when he came upon the strange object. It was a garish-looking thing, with a cut-up head and body made of coconuts, and sticks for legs, like a spider. News 6 described it as a “mysterious totem.” It also had feathers attached, as well as what appeared to be snake skin.

However, what really troubled Robertson was the thing’s mouth. As he said during their interview, “It had actual human teeth!”

The strange coconut doll with human teeth
Image: WKMG New 6/Bruce Robertson

After snapping a few photos and asking around, Robertson cast the coconut monstrosity back into the ocean. He thought it was, perhaps, some kind of bizarre Voodoo doll. Something evil.

Strangely enough, he came to regret this decision. After a bit of online research, he decided it might not have been a cursed object at all, but rather a representation of “an African spider god,” possibly used as a “talisman of good luck.” In this case, he’s likely referring to Anansi, a figure of West African and Caribbean folklore who was said to take “the shape of a spider” and was the “god of all knowledge of stories,” according to Wikipedia.

That’s certainly a possibility. It’s unclear where the doll came from, what or who it was for, or whether or not it was ever intended to be considered evil. That said, the owner of an African book store in Cocoa, Florida seems fairly certain the creepy effigy also incorporates human skin, along with the teeth.

“This here is creepy!” she told News 6. She believes it may very well be a Voodoo doll, or something similar.

On the other hand, it’s always possible the doll is just a weird doll, made by someone who perhaps got a little too creative on Etsy. There, you can actually buy real human teeth, or fake teeth made out of acrylic resin.

Really. Your choice!

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.