Mysterious Handbags Depicted On Ancient Statues

A strange video ponders the nature of what appear to be bags and their prominent depictions in ancient Mesopotamian and South American artwork.

The narrator invokes the Ancient Aliens hypothesis and the possible existence of the Annunaki, proposing that, perhaps, these handbags on statues and stone carvings were a symbol of the vast alien knowledge granted to humans during those mysterious times.

On the other hand, he also suggests a different possibility: That the bags actually housed advanced technology of some kind, perhaps a source of energy.

A few news outlets seem to have taken these observations a step further, and are claiming the handbags are from modern time — proof, once again, of reckless time traveling tourists mingling with the ancient past.

Now, if you were to tell me that the people of ancient Mesopotamia actually did carry bags or baskets or even buckets, and that this was a perfectly normal depiction of that, well, I wouldn’t believe you. Because that’s the mood I’m in today.

Winged Genie Holding Bucket
Image: Public Domain/Wikipedia

Then again, some Neo-Assyrian art, as seen above, is known to have depicted winged genies or demons holding buckets and cones. According to Wikipedia, “the bucket was presumably either of metal or basketry and is thought to have held either water or pollen or both.” Together with the cone, these objects are believed to have been used during rituals of purification or fertilization, but who’s to say?

Time travelers: You’re still on notice. Follow the rules.


Rob Schwarz

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