A Bright Spot...On Ceres?!

Strange Days In Science #2: Mysterious Spots on Dwarf Planets Edition

You know, my post frequency around here lately has been sporadic at best. Every few days? Once a week? Not good enough. Truth is, I get distracted. Easily. Like a squirrel. But I want to change that, so my new focus is going to be on bringing you more stories, news, and other things far …

Black Hole Time Machine

Could A Kerr Black Hole Be Used To Travel Through Time?

Common knowledge tells us that a journey into a black hole ends, well, badly. That’s because its center — the singularity — is an infinitely dense region of space-time, from which nothing can escape. But, as our twisted universe would have it, there’s actually a certain type of theoretical black hole that may lack a …

Håkan Nordkvist, Time Traveller?

Did This Man Find A Wormhole Under His Kitchen Sink?

On August 30, 2006 in Sweden, Håkan Nordkvist came home to find water pooling on his kitchen floor. Assuming it was a leak, he gathered some tools and, opening the kitchen sink cabinet, reached his arm in to feel for the piping. But he reached farther than he’d expected.