The Nightmare: A New Documentary About the Terror of Sleep Paralysis

The Nightmare is a new documentary that delves into the horrifying world of sleep paralysis, a strange phenomenon that leaves sufferers immobilized in their beds, awake but unable to move. They also, sometimes, experience terrifying hallucinations of demons and shadow people, among other things. While I’ve never experienced any of this myself, the trailer here is certainly unnerving.

The Old Hag Syndrome Movie: Have You Ever Experienced Sleep Paralysis?

You awake suddenly in the middle of the night, unable to move and terrified to open your eyes. The sound of wretched breathing slowly approaches, and a force begins to push down upon your chest. And just when you think you will die of fright, the terror vanishes and you can move again. Was it a nightmare, …

The “Hat Man”

Have you seen the “Hat Man?” Given the widespread nature of this phenomenon, it’s not unlikely that you have. Perhaps belonging to the often mystifying “Shadow People,” the so-called Hat Man is a phantom who appears for just an instant, a tall shade wearing old-fashioned clothing and a top hat. Many say they feel no …

The Old Hag Syndrome

It happens when all dark and evil things happen — the middle of the night. What had been a peaceful sleep turns into a waking nightmare as you find yourself pinned and unable to move, shocked awake and paralyzed by an overwhelming sense of evil. The old hag has paid you visit.