Blue Snow In St Petersburg May Be Toxic

The snow is blue in St. Petersburg, Russia, and no one knows why. Residents there are more than a bit perturbed, as officials remain uncertain about what’s causing their snow to turn such an unusual hue. They’re in the process of testing samples right now, but the worry is that it may be toxic.

Lake Vostok Diagram

Russian Scientists Discover “Unidentified” Life In Lake Vostok (Updated: No, no they didn’t)

When I last wrote about Lake Vostok, Russian scientists had retrieved new water samples from the subglacial lake in Antarctica. This lake, if you remember, has existed deep beneath the Antarctic ice, isolated for about 20 million years. And, at the very least, the lake’s water has been free of any contamination or disturbance from …

“Alien Slime” Discovered In Wake Of Russian Meteor

A mysterious slime has turned up throughout a Somerset nature reserve days after the shocking meteor strike in Russia. Described as “blobs” or “goo” or just “something living,” the strange substance has been found littered throughout the reserve. It only appeared after last week’s meteorite incident, despite the fact that the nature reserve is thousands …

Somebody call the meteor police

Meteor Caught On Camera In Russia

Russia experienced quite the meteor shower today. Around 100 400 people have been injured, schools have been evacuated, and people have been warned to keep inside. The meteors fell over the Chelyabinsk region in the Ural Mountains on the morning of Friday, February 15.