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Haunted Bleeding Walls

Haunting Phenomena: When the Walls Bleed

November 11, 2016 Paranormal 2 Comments

What would you say is the worst symptom of a haunted house? Flickering lights? Moving objects? A spooky ghost? How about when the walls begin to bleed? It’s at that point, myself, I’d probably consider moving.

Image: screencap of Poltergeist (2015) trailer

Paranormal Activity on Set of Poltergeist Remake, Claims Director

April 9, 2015 Entertainment

The original Poltergeist movie, released in 1982, spawned what many now refer to as the Poltergeist Curse. A curse which, if the legends are true, led to many strange experiences on set, as well as the untimely deaths of four cast members who worked on the trilogy from 1982 to ...

What Are Poltergeists?

What Are Poltergeists?

Poltergeist, in German, literally means “noisy ghost.” This paranormal phenomenon has appeared in folklore, movies and — if some cases are true — even reality. And while they may not be demons, or even spirits at all, poltergeists are the type of supernatural manifestation you’d probably want to avoid.