Terraced Pools Of Pamukkale

The Terraced Pools Of Pamukkale

No, that’s not snow you’re looking at. The terraced pools of Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey are naturally occurring hot springs, and the majestic white landscapes you see are actually the result of calcium carbonate, which bubbles up from within the earth and hardens to become travertine, a type of limestone.

The GRAIL mission comes to an end

NASA’s GRAIL Probes Prepare For Crash Landing

So, do you remember when I wrote about NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, aka the GRAIL mission? Back in February, its twin probes, Ebb & Flow (named by fourth graders at Emily Dickinson Elementary School, no less), gave us a fascinating look at the moon’s oft-unseen far side. Yeah, well…now we’re gonna crash those …

Drilling Into The Earth

Scientific Mission Hopes To Explore The Earth’s Mantle

Scientists hope to bring back the world’s first fresh samples of Earth’s mantle, in a $1 billion mission dubbed “the most challenging endeavor in the history of Earth science.” They’ll do so by venturing out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where comparatively thin mid-ocean ridges exist. These should, in theory, allow geologists to …