Is the Ghostbusters Reboot Set In A Parallel Universe?

The Ghostbusters reboot confuses me. I mean, let me just start with this: I feel the same way about Ghostbusters 2016 as I did about, say, the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Not a great movie, but I watched it for nostalgia’s sake and it didn’t ruin my life. It’s a movie. But here’s …


Paranormal Activity on Set of Poltergeist Remake, Claims Director

The original Poltergeist movie, released in 1982, spawned what many now refer to as the Poltergeist Curse. A curse which, if the legends are true, led to many strange experiences on set, as well as the untimely deaths of four cast members who worked on the trilogy from 1982 to 1988. Why a curse? Some …

3 Comments The McPherson Tape

The McPherson Tape: A VHS Alien Abduction

The McPherson Tape: a hoax, or actual proof of an alien attack? Looking at the videos, you’d probably think the answer is obvious. But as these things go, not everyone is convinced that this isn’t part of some kind of disinformation agenda. Since the early 90s, many have claimed the original “McPherson Tape” is real evidence …


Trailer: How to Build a Time Machine

A long time ago, I shared a video about a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary called How to Build a Time Machine. It was obviously going to be about time travel, and appeared to focus somewhat on the story of John Titor. Well, a new trailer has released, showcasing a slightly different direction.


Review: Dimensions (A Line, A Loop, A Tangle Of Threads)

When H.G. Wells was first in the process of writing The Time Machine, his editor, W.E. Henley, told him to stop talking about time travel, and instead simply take his readers on a voyage through time.† The result was a story that focused less on the technicalities and science behind the time machine (“There is …