2 Comments Algorithm Helps Discover Even More Unexplained Radio Bursts 3 Billion Light Years Away

AI Discovers Even More Unexplained Radio Bursts 3 Billion Light Years Away

Repeated and unexplained radio pulses from deep space have led astronomers to consider some intriguing possibilities. On August 26, 2017, the Breakthrough Listen program detected a number of fast radio bursts (FRBs) originating from the ‘repeater’ object FRB 121102, located about three billion light years away. Astronomers observed 21 FRBs in total, all within one …

Do We Still Believe in the Paranormal?

Strange footage of a hairy creature walking through the woods. Orbs caught on still pictures. Triangular lights blinking in the night sky. We’ve seen the videos and heard the stories, but how many people today truly believe in the paranormal?

The Harrowing Tale of Alaska’s Mysterious Orange Goo

On August 3, 2011, a mysterious orange goo washed ashore in the quiet village of Kivalina, Alaska. It was a bright, moldy-looking substance, which first covered the rocks at the harbor. But the next day, after a rain storm, residents curiously found the goo inside rain buckets and even on at least one rooftop. One …


Europa Report: Maybe We Should’ve Just Sent Another Robot

An optimistic crew of space explorers? The watery depths of Europa’s sub-surface ocean? Sharlto Copley? What could possibly go wrong? The above trailer gives us our first real taste of Europa Report, an upcoming science fiction film that follows six astronauts on their journey to Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. As you would expect, things go …