Video: Monstrous Wolf Chases Dog In Northern Saskatchewan

Monstrous Wolf Chases Dog In Northern Saskatchewan

A video has been circulating recently of an alleged massive “dire wolf” chasing a dog in an unknown region of the United States. It was posted on June 11, 2018 by the YouTube channel Nv Tv. Fair warning: While nothing gory is seen in the footage, some may find it disturbing, particularly any dog lovers …

Tennessee Cave Bigfoot

Miniature Bigfoot Encountered in Tennessee Cave

What is it with caves? In a sighting unrelated to the other day’s reptilian alien, a Tennessee woman claims to have encountered a “miniature version of ‘Bigfoot’” while exploring a cave in 2009, according to Cryptozoology News. While exploring the cave with her husband, they came upon a strange animal “attached to the cave wall.” …

What to Do If You Receive a Mogwai for Christmas

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone, at least from where I’m sitting. But now we have to deal with the aftermath: wrapping paper clean up, return policies, traffic. And then there’s what to do with those gifts that are perhaps a little out of the ordinary.

29% Of Americans Believe In Bigfoot

A new Angus Reed Public Opinion poll has found that at least 29% of Americans believe Bigfoot “probably” exists, compared to 21% of Canadians. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, gained mainstream popularity in 1958, when footprints of the creature were found in northern California. However, stories of these hairy, human-like cryptids date back to Native …