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Image: YouTube

5 Amazingly Creepy Robot Babies

Robot babies are the future. Here are five that might keep you up at night.

Image: Creepy Girl

10 Creepy Examples of the Uncanny Valley

November 25, 2013 Science

Originally coined by Masahiro Mori in 1970, the term “uncanny valley” describes our strange revulsion toward things that appear nearly human, but not quite right. This revulsion usually involves robots, but can also include computer animations and some medical conditions.

New Disney Robot Plays Catch, Juggles

November 30, 2012 Inventions & Tech

Make no mistake: The Walt Disney Company may have begun as a simple animation studio, but these days it’s at the forefront of a variety of innovative technologies. Namely, Autonomatronics. They’ve already developed some shockingly realistic skin for their robots, and now they’re taking humanoid robot development one step forward ...

The Uncanny Valley

Exploring The Uncanny Valley

October 11, 2012 Science

They look human. They even act human. But something’s not quite right. The Uncanny Valley is a term used to describe the feeling of revulsion caused when a human being encounters a robot that seems human, but doesn’t quite cut it. It’s that area between an obvious or stylized robot ...

The Android of Your Dreams

July 31, 2012 Inventions & Tech

I’m a big fan of robots. Or, you know, of dismantling them and setting them on fire. I just stumbled upon this video of Tara the Android, though. Perhaps she’ll help me better accept our robot cousins. Turn over a new leaf, that sort thing. Never mind.