Your Unique “Brainprint” May Identify You In the Future

Everyone has a unique fingerprint. No two are the same, and even each of your individual fingers are different*. We use them to access our phones, enter secured locations, or get booked after being arrested. Now, scientists at Binghamton University in New York have upped the ante. Fingerprints are old news. We’ve entered the era …


Video: Watch Memories Form in a Mouse Brain

Have you ever wondered what your brain looks like when it’s forming memories? The above video, which comes from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, shows off fluorescently tagged molecules as they traverse a mouse brain’s labyrinth of cells, forming new memories. It’s a breakthrough the researchers call a “technological tour de force.”

Scientists Successfully Create Rat-Human Brain Link

Scientists have performed an experiment in which they’ve linked a human brain with a rat brain, allowing the human to “wiggle” the rat’s tail with thoughts alone. This new “brain-to-brain interface” between species, as rudimentary as it is right now, should point the way to more advanced (and terrifying) ways to link brains to other brains …