Boston Dynamics Shows Off “Parkour Atlas” Robot

There was a time when you may have looked at Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot and thought, hey, I could outrun that. It was a lumbering hunk of metal, after all. Sure, it could open doors and go for quiet walks in the freshly fallen snow, even lift 10-pound boxes. But in a robot apocalypse scenario? …

1 Comment It's a yellow robot dog

The Dog of the Future: Boston Dynamics’ Newest SpotMini

Meet the newest version of SpotMini, Boston Dynamics’ yellow four-legged robot that actually looks pretty sleek. It seems a lot more advanced than their older robots, something I could honestly see chasing me down in a post-apocalyptic robot future hellscape. Exciting and terrifying, just the way it should be.


BigDog Wishes You A Happy Holiday

BigDog is kind of creepy. But apparently even a creepy four-legged robot that sounds like a dying housefly can take a moment to celebrate the holidays. In the above video, Boston Dynamics shows off three – three! – of their quadruped BigDogs hauling what appears to be Mrs. Claus, wishing everyone a happy holiday. Reindeer, …