A Look Back At ‘Storm Area 51’ (And A New Challenger Approaches)

A few months ago, it was all the rage: What began as an innocuous Facebook event, a joke, snowballed into a story of alien intrigue, government responses, and maybe one or two legal complaints along the way. ‘Storm Area 51’ became a kind of online phenomenon, its event page reaching over two million people, all …

2 Comments Video: Elf-Thing Dances Across Someone's Driveway

Video: Elf-Thing Dances Across Someone’s Driveway

Usually, when you check your home security camera footage after a long day at the water park, you probably don’t see much. You might catch a few passing cars or a fallen tree branch. Maybe a raccoon eating all your cat food. But sometimes — sometimes you find an elf dancing in your driveway.

1 Comment Are Aliens Hiding Inside Black Holes?

Are Aliens Hiding Inside Black Holes?

Last week, NASA unveiled the first ever image of a black hole. It looks like an orange donut, a mysterious eye in the dark vacuum of space. But the question has never been what does a black hole look like? The real question is how are aliens involved in all this?

0 Comments If Aliens Are Out There, Maybe They Should Run

If Aliens Are Out There, Maybe They Should Run

Where are all the aliens? asks Russian theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin in his new paper, titled “‘First in, last out’ solution to the Fermi Paradox.” It’s a question we’ve long pondered, and perhaps one of the greatest — in a universe so vast, and with so many seemingly habitable planets, why have we yet to …