NASA Grants Funding for Food Printer, Orders A Pizza

NASA has just awarded a $125,000 grant to Anjan Contractor to create a 3D printer that prints…food. The printer, based on open-source hardware called RepRap, will use a kind of nutrient powder and oil to construct foods, which will be available in specially-designed cartridges. And the first item on the menu? Pizza.

Scientists Create 3D-Printed “Bionic” Ear

Scientists at Princeton University have successfully created a printable “bionic” ear, combining a small coil antenna with cartilage using “off-the-shell” 3D-printing tools and nanoparticles. Yeah, bionic. According to lead researcher Michael McAlpine, there are usually “mechanical and thermal challenges” when combining electronics with biological materials. The key to overcoming these challenges, he says, lies in …