Apocalypse 2012: Eyes Of Majora

“I went to great lengths to get that legendary mask. When I finally had it…I could sense the doom of a dark omen brewing. It was that unwelcome feeling that makes your hair stand on end.” – The Happy Mask Salesman Oh, we don’t have much time, now.

0 Comments The Mayan Apocalypse Approaches

Chinese Man Constructs “Noah’s Ark” To Survive The Apocalypse

When it comes to the looming Mayan apocalypse, some people are fine with just buying some bottled water and canned goods. Others are a bit more serious, building bunkers and stocking up on ammo. A Chinese man, however, has spent his entire life savings — ¥1million, or £100,000 or about $160,000 — to create an …

0 Comments Chichen Itza Ball Court

Archeologists Determine Purpose Of “Watchtower-Style Structures” At Chichen Itza

Archeologists at Chichen Itza in Mexico have determined the original purpose of previously discovered “watchtower-style structures.” It’s believed the Maya people used these structures, which were located atop the walls of the ceremonial ball court, to calculate equinoxes and solstices. To determine their ancient functions, archeologists actually reconstructed the watchtower-like boxes, which had previously crumbled. …


Survive The Apocalypse With SETI Institute’s Doomsday 2012 Fact Sheet

It’s not what you think. While we’ve all heard the portents of doom surrounding December 21, 2012, it’s really surprising just how many apocalyptic scenarios have been attached to the date. Strange prophecies, hidden planets, cosmic doom. Pole shifts and solar flares. We have a lot to choose from. But maybe we can put some …