The Nightmare: A New Documentary About the Terror of Sleep Paralysis

The Nightmare is a new documentary that delves into the horrifying world of sleep paralysis, a strange phenomenon that leaves sufferers immobilized in their beds, awake but unable to move. They also, sometimes, experience terrifying hallucinations of demons and shadow people, among other things. While I’ve never experienced any of this myself, the trailer here is certainly unnerving.

Why Are UFOs Always Hanging Around the International Space Station?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the International Space Station already has the makings of a popular trade hub. I mean, just about every day someone catches a new unidentified object loitering around the station on its live video stream. My thoughts: maybe they’re just waiting for it to open.

MUFON Report: A Fiery Stone With an Alien Face

Well, this MUFON report was just downright confusing to me. Case #64892. January 12, 1995 at about 6:15 am. Praia do Hermenegildo, Santa Vitoria do Palmer, Brazil. It’s a beach. Our MUFON reporter tells the story of a strange, fiery stone that fell from the morning sky. It appeared first as a ball of fire, …

Behold, the Sword-fighting Robot

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen robots wielding knives (or even chainsaws), but if you didn’t think humanity was quite doomed enough, here you go: a robot that’s been programmed to sword fight.

UFO Rings: The Hula Hoops of the Sky

There are innumerable different types of unidentified objects out there, some more common than others. Rods, orbs, saucers. Doritos. And then we have rings. While perusing the latest UFO reports from April on the MUFON database, I came across the following submission involving yet another one of these suspicious rings in New Ellenton, South Carolina on April 8, …