1 Comment A ghost pirate ship?

Woman Divorces Ghost Husband Because He’s Actually An “Energy Vampire”

An Irish woman has divorced her ghost pirate husband because she believes he was actually an “energy vampire” sucking the life right out of her. Amanda Teague recently shared her story on UK’s This Morning. She married the ghost pirate Jack back in 2016. The marriage was performed posthumously, as she describes it, out in …

2 Comments The Area 51 Situation: Will Naruto Lead Us to UFO Disclosure?

The Area 51 Situation: Will Naruto Lead Us to UFO Disclosure?

So, who’s going to Area 51 in September? What started as a joke on Facebook has turned into some kind of actual movement, with nearly 2 million people (1.9 million at the time of this posting) pledging to converge out in the Nevada desert on September 20, 2019. At the very witching hour of 3:00 …

2 Comments Video: Elf-Thing Dances Across Someone's Driveway

Video: Elf-Thing Dances Across Someone’s Driveway

Usually, when you check your home security camera footage after a long day at the water park, you probably don’t see much. You might catch a few passing cars or a fallen tree branch. Maybe a raccoon eating all your cat food. But sometimes — sometimes you find an elf dancing in your driveway.

0 Comments The Mona Lisa brought to life

The Future Is Deeply Fake: Living Portraits and Learned Talking Heads

Is the truth really out there? I’m beginning to wonder. In the above video, you can get a real and perhaps mildly terrifying look at the latest incarnation of so-called deepfakes, those uncanny videos of peoples’ faces doing things they never actually did, or plopped onto other people’s bodies. This, however, is much more advanced. …